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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


by Scott Kenemore
Published by Skyhorse Publishing

I admit, I am really not much of a reader.  I read horror magazines constantly, but I don't read many books.  I am just not that fast of a reader, nor do I have the time to read much with a full time job, a wife and kids, and this website which I am constantly needing to watch screeners for.  BUT....if the book has the word "zombie" in the title, I will always find a way to make time for it.   I love zombies and anything to do with them.  So if there is a book about zombies, I wanna read it. 

I have read a lot of "Zombie Survival Guide" type books, but I always find it fun to check out a book from the zombie's perspective.  That is exactly what Scott Kenemore's book, Z.E.O. A ZOMBIES GUIDE TO GETTING A(HEAD) IN BUSINESS is.  It is a book written for us workers to help us follow the lead of zombies and get ahead in the corporate world by following the techniques and work ethics of zombies.  Here is a brief description of the book from the Skyhorse Publishing website:
A guide for any Joe-lunchbox or aspiring-C.E.O., Z.E.O. illustrates how the lessons learned from zombies and zombie films can be applied—from the typing-pool to the boardroom—to further a professional career, increase personal and corporate wealth, and harness the tools to personal success. Taking up where other business and personal finance books leave off, Z.E.O. provides nuts-and-bolts instructions for taking the inspirational aspects of zombies and adopting them to maximize your own personal effectiveness.
What better person...or thing..to teach us how to achieve our goals than a zombie!  As the book tells us, zombies are the perfect role model because they have one goal in mind....brains!   While brains might be the zombies goal, ours might be a promotion or raise at work.   Either way, we all do what we need to to get our "brains".  The zombie will stop at nothing to get brains, therefore we don't need to let anything stand it our way to get our ultimate goal.   The author shows this by describing the different types of zombies and how they all focus and walk, or crawl, towards their goal.  Old rotted zombies might not have much muscle tissue and tendons left, but they still scramble and limp their way to the brains.  Even if a zombie has lost its legs, they will crawl with their arms towards the brains.   Nothing stops these zombies from reaching their goals, so you see, zombies can be a great inspiration to us and great role models in the workplace.

The book is written in a very easy-to-read style is is full of funny tips, pictures, and even some funny zombie motivational posters!   The book is a softcover book with 272 pages and can be found in most bookstores in the humor section, or click the link below to purchase on-line.  I highly recommend this book for any zombie enthusiast like myself!

CLICK HERE to purchase the book
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Skyhorse Publishing
CLICK HERE to view the author's zombie blog

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