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Thursday, January 19, 2012

DVD Review: SWEET KARMA (2009)

 ------Review by contributing writer Scott Baker------

Directed by:  Andrew Thomas Hunt
Distributed by:  Phase 4 Films

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good female-revenge flick, so I was pretty happy when Hayes handed me SWEET KARMA to review. The cover is very inviting, after all, with a woman in bra and panties holding a handgun; I mean, how can you not be curious?
If you are not familiar with SWEET KARMA, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Phase 4 FIlms:
Karma Balint is a shy, mute Russian girl whose sister Anna left for Canada with bright hopes of making some money for the two of them. When Karma discovers that Anna’s body has been found in the woods, the apparent victim of a Russian mafia hit, Karma sets off to infiltrate the criminal underworld to avenge her sister. Her journey takes her through the twisted underbelly of society leaving behind death and mayhem in her wake.                           
I loved this movie. It has a gritty, underworld feel to it and is full of dark themes and overtones. You truly feel for Karma as she searches for her sister’s killers...and you relish the vengeance that she doles out. And, boy, does she dole it out!
SWEET KARMA is a vicious film with some excellent ‘revenge’ scenes. The seductive yet fatal ways that Karma gets rid of the killers is almost entrancing to watch; you literally have a hard time pulling your eyes away from the screen! For example, Karma leads one of the men into a restroom where she starts kissing him. Thinking that Karma is an easy dancer, the man lets his guard down...and pays a horrific price for it. Karma tricks him into thinking he’s snorting cocaine off of her breast, but it’s actually laundry detergent. While the guy is floundering around in some massive pain, she knocks him down and then ‘hangs’ him on the hand-rail!
The acting in SWEET KARMA is very good, with actress Shera Bechard doing a superb job in the titular role of Karma. Portraying a shy, mute beauty from Russia is not an easy task, I’m sure, but Bechard pulls it off with ease. I look forward to seeing her in future films.
SWEET KARMA doesn’t have many special effects, except for some blood, but it’s well done. The film is shot well, although I have to admit that a few of the scenes were pretty dark and hard to make out. Still, that doesn’t detract from the film overall and is a minor inconvenience. 
Not to give too much away, but the film has a great twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. I will obviously not spoil it for you, but you should definitely check this one out to see what happens. If you liked I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, you will love SWEET KARMA.
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