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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Directed by:   Gô Ohara
Distributed by:   Media Blasters

When a movie starts out with a be-heading and a scene of a woman being split in half all in the opening scene before the title is even displayed, then that movie is for me!    PSYCHO GOTHIC LOLITA is an amazing film that packs a punch right from the beginning and never lets go. 
Here is the plot description from the back of the DVD:

Yuki once led a peaceful life with her loving parents, but her family's happiness was taken away suddenly one day by a group wearing black cloaks. Her father lost the ability to walk, and her mother was massacred. Yuki, the only one to escape the violence, was left with unanswered questions and profound sorrow. But that sadness soon turned into a smoldering anger and a burning resolve to get to the bottom of the mystery. Fashioning herself into an elegant demon of vengeance, Yuki sets off wearing her jet-black gothic lolita dress in search of payback for her mother's death.

I have a feeling a lot of you might not know about this film, but you definitely should.  This film is like some of the other great Japanese splatter fests like TOKYO GORE POLICE, MACHINE GIRL, and MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD just to name a few.   This one didn't seem to get as much press as those other films did, which is a shame, because I think this is definitely as good as those other films if not better.

I am not sure why Americans haven't learned the art of the splatter movie yet.  I mean, we have films we call splatter movies, but take a look at a Japanese splatter film and you will see that American films don't begin to compare with their Japanese counterparts.  It's a good thing we have access to these films..if not,  we would be missing out on a lot of fun...and blood!

 Like most of the Japanese horror films, this film has a lot of martial arts fighting in it.  The fight sequences are choreographed amazing well and the fight scenes contain some very stylistic camera work.   While all this great, everything comes back to copious amounts of blood and the amazing gore effects.   Gore fans will have a field day with this one.  PSYCHO GOTHIC LOLITA is not to be missed!

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  1. what a strange movie, at least it doesn't include nude scenes!