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Friday, January 6, 2012

Graphic Novel review: SOMETHING ANIMAL from Fanboy Comics

Written by:  Sam Rhodes and Bryant Dillon
Art, Photography, and Design by:  Robert Burrows
Original Story by:  Ben Rhodes
Edited by:  Barbra Dillon

A while back I wrote about a graphic novel and short film called SOMETHING ANIMAL from Fanboy Comics.  Well, the graphic novel is finally out and I recently got my hands on a copy.  For those not familiar with the story, here is the basic plot synopsis from the official website of the graphic novel:

After witnessing his sister's brutal murder, Jack struggles to cope with the disturbing, psychological aftermath. Tormented by images of the attack, Jack finds himself physically ill and unable to eat.
Scared and alone, he is forced to confront a growing thirst for blood and the harsh reality that either his sanity is quickly crumbling or that he is turning into something else... something dark... something animal...

I liked this graphic novel a lot...it is a very simple story and really doesn't have much dialog for a graphic novel.  The majority of the story is told through the artwork of Robert Burrows.  I mentioned in my last post about SOMETHING ANIMAL that the art style is not polished at all.  It is rough and a little distorted at times, but it works perfectly for this dark subject matter.  

I like the story a lot, but I did feel it ended rather abruptly and left many questions to be answered.  I have a feeling this is a just a drop in the bucket of the SOMETHING ANIMAL story.  I think this graphic novel is just setting the background for us and I think this story is really going to take off in a future follow up book.

Get your hands on a copy of SOMETHING ANIMAL before they sell out!  You can get a copy off of the Fanboy Comics website for only $9.99 + shipping!  

CLICK HERE to purchase the graphic novel
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of SOMETHING ANIMAL
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Fanboy Comics

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  1. Thanks for the review, Hayes! Hope "Something Animal" didn't get too much blood on ya!