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Sunday, January 22, 2012



Distributed by Panik House Entertainment/Synapse Films

Panik House Entertainment has put out an excellent release with the WOMEN IN PRISON TRIPLE FEATURE.  This DVD includes 3 classic sexploitation films, all dealing with...well, women in prison!
The DVD includes CHAINED HEAT, RED HEAT, and JUNGLE WARRIORS. Here are the plots of these films from the Synapse Films/Panik House Entertainment website:

Linda Blair (The Exorcist) stars as Carol Henderson, a woman sentenced to 18 months in federal prison after accidentally killing a man. With the perverted warden (John Vernon, Animal House) seducing the inmates and two rival gangs fighting a race war, Carol struggles to survive her remaining days in the sleazy slammer. Also stars cult film favorites Sybil Danning, Tamara Dobson and Stella Stevens. Newly re-mastered in anamorphic widescreen and presented totally uncut for the first time in North America!

Linda Blair heads back to prison as American tourist Christine Carlson, a woman wrongly sentenced to three years in a brutal East German penitentiary after being forced to admit to false charges of espionage. Tormented by the evil prisoner Sofia (Sylvia Kristel, Emmanuelle), Christine must fight for her life as her fiancée tries to rescue her from the sadistic hell behind bars. Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen.

A group of gorgeous models flies to a South American country to scout locations for a photo session. When their plane is shot down, the models are imprisoned and subjected to horrible torture and rape by an evil drug lord. In an effort to escape, the girls grab some firepower, take revenge, and try to shoot their way to freedom! Stars Sybil Danning and John Vernon. Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen.

So far, I have only watched the first film of the three, CHAINED HEAT.  I have always heard about this film but had never seen it until this release.   The film is exactly what you expect from this type of movie.  It is a reminder of the great grindhouse days of the 70's and 80's.  All three of these films are from the mid 80's and boy does it show!   This adds to the nostalgia of the film, though.  Big hair and bad music reminds us just how crazy the 80's really were!  
The acting in CHAINED HEAT is actually pretty good for this type of film.  The film is full of action, there are really no slow parts in it at all which is good.  Another good thing is this film actually has a  pretty good story to it.  A lot of these types of films don't have much of a story and were obviously just made to capitalize on the female nudity, but this film wasn't made just for that...although there is plenty of that as well!   Also, there is some pretty graphic violence in this film, particularly a  cringe worthy scene were a prisoner is  hooked in the neck  in a bathroom stall.  They don't call it the pokey for nothing!! 

Fans of this subgenre of exploitation film should not pass up this great DVD set.  3 Great movies for the price of one!   The DVD is out now from Panik House Entertainment/Synapse Films.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for CHAINED HEAT
CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for RED HEAT
CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for JUNGLE WARRIORS
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD

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