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Thursday, July 22, 2010

DVD Review: BUTCHERED (2010)

Now this is refreshing. A slasher movie that reminds me of the good 'ol days. The slashers from the 70's and 80's! BUTCHERED is a fun film that should appeal to any fans of the slasher genre.
Here is the basic plot from the Anthem Pictures website:

A group of teens decides to spend the weekend on a local island to say their final goodbyes before heading off to college. Little do they know, a convicted serial killer escapes from the authorities while on death row at a maximum security prison. Touted in the headlines of the local papers as "The Butcher" due to the manner he hacked up his victims in the local town deli, he takes cover on THE VERY SAME ISLAND. It becomes a battle for survival as the teens attempt to fight back against this unimaginable foe.

The killer in the film is known as "The Butcher". He is a brutal killer who uses a shovel, and axe, or anything else he can find to kill. There are lots of great "kills" in this film and plenty of blood to keep you gore hounds happy.
The acting is good overall, although a slight bit of over-acting done by a few of the the actors. You have your stereotypical array of kids in the film...including the jock, the preppy kid, the dorky one, etc. A few of the characters are somewhat annoying, but overall the majority are likable. The cinematography is excellent, with some very spooky scenes. There are a few scenes where the killer is shown back lit with fog all around that are very well done.
Overall this was a very enjoyable film and one I will be watching again. You don't see many good slasher flicks coming out these days, so I would highly recommend BUTCHERED to you.

One other thing to mention is the inclusion a short film titled, THE DAVID LONG STORY. It is an excellent complimentary film to go along with BUTCHERED. This short film tells the story of a guy who thinks he is meeting a filmmaker out in the woods to shoot a horror film. Little does he know, he will actually be starring in it...as the victim!! This is a great short film and is almost worth the price of the DVD alone!
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  1. Thanks for the very honest and fair review!

    Shaun O'Rourke
    Producer- Butchered

  2. "The David Long Story" is being turned into a feature film titled "Pieces of Talent". Principle photography start in September. Follow the film and the online blog of http://www.piecesoftalent.com/

  3. That is cool news! THE DAVID LONG STORY was excellent..I can't wait for the feature length film!