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Saturday, July 24, 2010


A FOUR COURSE MEAL is an excellent example of what a Horror anthology should be. Written and Directed by Clay Liford, it tells four separate stories of Horror. Here is the basic plot synopsis from the R Squared Films website:

An ancient demon hides out in a death row prison, feeding on the condemned men who will not be missed. In a fairy-tale vision of Russia, a brutish Ogre becomes the guardian of orphaned children . A lowly data-entry clerk finds his job threatened by his company's new affirmative action policy. One that attempts to incorporate the workforce's newest members - the living dead!

The plot synopsis leaves out the first story in the anthology, which is a morning show cooking segment gone wrong. Very bloody and full of sick humor! I loved it.

The second installment is about the monster who attacks the death row inmates. This was my personal favorite among the 4 stories. The story idea was original and the monsters make up effects were very well done and very unique looking.
The third story was about the Ogre in Russia, and to be honest, this installment did not hold my attention. This was my least favorite segment of the anthology.
The last story is my second favorite of the film. It is a wonderfully done short about a group of people in the corporate environment getting laid off and them being replaced by zombies! Zombies will do most any job and you don't have to pay them! Our main character is tired of the zombies getting all the jobs, so he disguises himself as a zombie and re-applies for his job. Since he is now a "zombie", he gets his old job back. But working with a bunch of stiffs isn't as easy as he thought it would be, as he has to act and behave just like a zombie in order to keep his job.
Overall, this is one of the best Horror Anthologies I have ever seen. The original CREEPSHOW is probably my overall favorite, but this one has to be next on that list. The acting in all 4 of the segments is wonderful, and each story has a very different and unique idea to it that keeps you entertained. Even though I didn't personally care for the 3rd installment, you can still appreciate it for what it is, and even so, 3 excellent segments out of 4 is a great feat for any Horror Anthology to pull off. I highly recommend this film. You will not be disappointed!
Bon Appetit!

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  1. This sounds great. Anthologies are pretty hit or miss. Checking this one out, ASAP.