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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Piranhas are coming!! Check out the 9 mintue video clip from PIRANHA 3D!

Wow...if anyone has any doubts about how good Alexandre Aja's PIRANHA 3D is going to be, check out this footage that BloodyDisgusting.com posted on their site yesterday. This is the footage the studio premiered at Comic-Con this past week. Apparently someone snuck a video camera and recorded it, so it is a little shaky and the audio is bad, but you can definitely see what a gory fun ride this film is going to be! I actually wasn't expecting to see this much gore from this film, so I am even more excited about this now. Eli Roth (director of CABIN FEVER and the HOSTEL films) said in an interview that he used 500 gallons of fake blood when filming HOSTEL. On this film, they used over 7000 gallons! This is gonna be a very bloody summer!! PIRANHA 3D is coming to theaters Aug. 20th.

CLICK HERE to watch the PIRANHA 3D Comic-con footage courtesy of BloodyDisgusting.com
(UPDATE--the footage was removed from the BloodyDisgusting.com site, so I have linked to a new site that still has the footage...but not sure for how long!)


  1. I have to admit, I've been waiting for this one.

  2. Dang...looks like the comic-con footage got pulled....anyone have a link that still works?