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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Browsing through the film section of my local used bookstore, I ran across this gem from 1994, FANGORIA'S BEST HORROR FILMS. The book is a 144 page hardbound book with a paper sleeve. I never knew this book even existed, so it was a nice surprise to find sitting on the shelf, just waiting for me!

The book is obviously outdated, so you will only get stories and reviews about some older films, but every film discussed in the book is a classic, and while most of the news is old news by now, I actually learned a few things that I hadn't ever heard or read about before concerning some of these films. One particular noteworthy part of this book is a section called Jason's Journal, which is an expert from Kane Hodder's personal diary he kept while filming FRIDAY THE 13th Part VIII, otherwise known as JASON TAKES MANHATTAN. As most of you know, Kane played the part of Jason Voorhees in parts VII, VIII, IX, and X of the FRIDAY THE 13th series of films. Reading about his personal experiences on the set and during the shooting of the film was very interesting to say the least.

Other sections of this book focus on the History Of Horror in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Also, an entire chapter is devoted to the many film adaptations of author H.P. Lovecraft and another on author Stephen King.

Other films you will read about in this book include HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN, the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series, the ALIEN films, and GREMLINS, just to name a few.

Any of you Horror fans out there have this book? This book is extremely rare to find new, but you can easily get a used copy. In fact, Amazon.com shows to have 21 used copies at the time of this posting, with a couple showing for sale for only $.01 cent plus $3.99 shipping! $4 bucks for this great Hardcover book is a steal. I highly recommend you pick up a copy today!! This is a great collectible for fans of Horror books and films.

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  1. Damn, I was hoping you were gonna say it was like $50 on Amazon! I actually have a copy of this book and bought it probably back around the time it came out. It was good from what I remember. Fango put out a few other books, one of them being the 101 Best Horror Films You've Never Seen, which I also have a copy of.

  2. Yeah, I bought it for $6 bucks at my local used book store. I thought that was a steal and it was probably worth a lot more money, but Amazon proved me wrong! Oh well, while not a high value collectible, still a cool book to have.