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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Check out the awesome Zombie calendars from Andrews McMeel Publishing!!

While browsing my local Calendar Club store recently, I noticed a few awesome Zombie calendars. I then noticed that they were all published and/or distributed by Andrews McMeel Publishing!! Kudos to Andrew McMeel Publishing for providing us Horror fans with these awesome Zombie calendars!

First up is ZOMBIES 2011: THE YEAR OF INFECTION based on the book 'ZOMBIES: A RECORD OF THE YEAR OF INFECTION' which was written by Don Roff and illustrated by Chris Lane. I did a review of this book about a year ago, which you can read here. This was an excellent book, with detailed stories of a zombie uprising. If you are a fan of the book, you will love this calendar, as it is packed with the same great Zombie illustrations that the book contains. Not only do you get an awesome Zombie illustration every month, but you get a short story at the bottom of each month. Chris Lane has a very interesting illustration technique that makes for some very interesting pictures.

Next up is the ZOMBIES: 2011 CALENDAR by William Stout. Mr. Stout is an amazing artist, and with this calendar you get a great sampling of his amazing artwork. These are some of the best Zombie illustrations that I have ever seen. Along with the amazing art, what sets this calendar apart from others is that you get a Horror fact on each month's page....either about a Zombie movie, or just Zombies in general. Also, in addition to the regular important dates that most calendars contain, this calendar also contains important Zombie related dates, including dates that notable Zombie films were released and birthdays of actors having to do with Zombie films. This calendar has some amazing illustrations in it which you will not want to throw away at the end of the year. This might be the first calendar you ever keep, as each picture is suitable for framing long after the year is over! You will see some very iconic Zombies here, including the Uncle Sam Zombie, American Gothic Zombies, George Washington Zombie, and the famous Mona Lisa Zombie, just to name a few! This is one all Zombie fans should get their hands on.

Finally, if you don't have the wall space for a regular calendar, you can get THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE 2011 DESK CALENDAR. This is a page-a-day type calendar based on the best selling book by Max Brooks. Each pages gives you hints and tips on surviving the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. On the back of each page is a Zombie Outbreak Journal, a place to make note of date and location of when you come into contact with a Zombie and a section to write down the "action taken" toward the Zombie. Even if you have read this book already, it will be a nice daily reminder to see these Zombie survival tips. You can never be too prepared!

These are great calendars and will be a great, year long treat for us Zombie fans! Click links below to purchase your calendars online, or visit your local book/calendar retailer today!

CLICK HERE to purchase the ZOMBIES 2011: THE YEAR OF INFECTION Calendar
CLICK HERE to purchase the ZOMBIES 2011 Calendar by William Stout
CLICK HERE to purchase the THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE 2011 Desk Calendar

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