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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Cable TV station Chiller will be debuting their first ever original show, CHILLER 13: THE DECADE'S SCARIEST MOVIE MOMENTS tomorrow night, 12/17 , at 8pm Easter/7pm Central time. The show will be 90 minutes long and will repeat throughout the night tomorrow night.
Here is a brief description of the show from the Chiller website:

Chiller TV's first original series features a diverse group of pop culture mavens and horror movie experts looking back on the top 13 scary movie moments of the past 10 years. Show participants include renowned special makeup effects supervisor Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), comedians Dan Gurewitch & David Young (collegehumor.com), actress Betsy Russell (the Saw anthology) amongst others.

Set your DVR's and TIVO's for this fun event! I always like to see what the "experts" consider the scariest moments. Usually with these types of shows there are always some scenes that you wonder how/why they made the list and you can think of some scenes that you wonder how/why it didn't make the list!! Come back here after the show and post some comments and let me know what you thought about Chiller's pick of the top 13 scariest movie moments of the past decade!!

CLICK HERE to watch the TV promo spot for CHILLER 13


  1. I've got this one ready to record! Can't wait to see what they consider scary compared to what I do. But just one question, Hayes: does anyone still own a Tivo? That in itself could be considered scary!

  2. HA! Probably not, but I didn't want to discriminate against the old Tivo users!!