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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Support independent Horror! Help fund the Horror/comedy THE PIMP AND THE DEAD!

I was recently contacted by filmmaker Dennis Smithers, Jr. who has a new project in the works called, THE PIMP AND THE DEAD (his first feature film, "A Bothered Conscience", can be seen here). Dennis needs the help of fellow Horror fans to help get this movie made!! Here is the brief synopsis:

A New York City pimp struggles for survival from flesh eating zombies while stranded in an isolated cabin in the woods.

Sounds simple enough, and I don't know about you, but Pimps vs. Zombies sounds like a lot of fun to me! Here is a statement from Dennis about how the money will be used:

Your pledge will go toward an actual budget for "The Pimp and the Dead." We desire to use better technical equipment for the production of this picture. A filmmaker's goal should be to make each movie better than the last. This is where you can help us. Every single person who donates will not go unnoticed. Even if it is just a dollar you pledge, we will be truly grateful and indeed acknowledge who donated it for the cause. The $3,000 goal will get us started on the journey toward a completed motion picture that will be forever known as "The Pimp and the Dead."

Check out the Kickstarter page to see the different levels you can give. Each level of pledge gains you awesome rewards, if the budget goal is met. This sounds like a fun project. I have made my pledge, please go make a pledge and help support indie Horror!!! As little as $1 pledge will help!! Thanks!

CLICK HERE to visit the Kickstarter page of THE PIMP AND THE DEAD!
CLICK HERE to visit THE PIMP AND THE DEAD's Facebook Page!


  1. Kickstarter seems to be a good resource. I just pledged some cash to another filmmaker not 15 minutes ago. I saw "A Bothered Conscience" a while back. The filmmaker cast his father as one of the characters, and although I was wont to cry "nepotism", his performance was actually the standout! Hope he makes a return appearance in "The Pimp and the Dead".


  2. Cool! I am going to check out "A Bothered Conscience" soon!