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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I just watched a cool short film called, KURIOSITY KILLZ. The creator of this film is the extremely talented Trey McGriff. Trey is the writer, director, editor, and producer of this film. He also stars in the film in not just one, but two roles! Oh, and did I mention he performed original music for the film?
Here is the basic plot from the film's official website:

Kuriosity gets the best of a good-looking, naive babe, who is lured into a seemingly normal bachelor's pad, only to discover that she is part of a demented redneck's documentary taking place in a neighborhood somewhere in Georgia. Will she survive the night?

Going into this film, I knew it was an extremely low budget, independent film. While this can turn some film goers off, I can definitely respect a project such as this one. Having been involved in the making of a short film myself, I know how hard it can be. For this reason, I went into this film not expecting too much, which is what you have to do in order to truly appreciate a low budget film such as this.

The film is shot in black and white, which is a neat change of pace from most modern horror films. The picture can sometimes looks gritty and/or grainy, which adds to the style of the film, reminiscent of an old 70's horror flick. The acting in the film is pretty bad, I have to admit, with many lines feeling like they were read word for word from a memorized script, but this still doesn't keep you from enjoying the film. The film also has a weird twist at the end that you don't expect, and I am not sure I still understand, but it was still fun overall.

McGriff does an excellent job with the direction and camera work, utilizing some very cool and unique camera angles and edits. While not a completely polished film by any means, it does show a tremendous amount of potential for what McGriff could do with a full feature if given real actors and a real budget.

CLICK HERE to visit the official website to watch the trailer and order the DVD

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