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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check out two more superb short films from SenoReality Pictures

I just watched two more short films from SenoReality Pictures, DO NOT DISTURB, and NEXT CALLER. Last month I posted a review of the short film, GET OFF MY PORCH, also from SenoReality Pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by that film, as it was much better than I expected. I am proud to say that these next two films I watched were just as good, and again exceeded my expectations.

Up first, was DO NOT DISTURB. The basic story is a criminal, on the run from the police, hides out in a seedy hotel, and is visited by an unseen entity. I can't say too much about this film without giving some things away. Apparently this criminal has few sick, twisted fans who find what he does as admirable. One demented "fan" of his becomes a copy cat killer and torments him in his hotel room, without ever showing his face. This film is very intense and maintains the intensity from the opening scene to the closing credits. Great acting, cool camera shots/lighting, and a cool story add up to a very well made film.

Next up was NEXT CALLER. This film tells the story about Handsome Billy Bob Brown, a late night radio D.J. who seems a little bored with his routine life, but that is all about to change. Billy Bob has a guest on his show who claims to be a supernatural expert, who can actually summons and talk to the dead. While Billy Bob doesn't believe a word of it, he will be a believer soon enough after receiving a few very long distance phone calls, including one from God and the Devil, as well as a phone call from his dead brother and mother! The acting, like in all of Rea's films is again wonderful. You might recognize the actor playing the part of Billy Bob. He is Allan Kayser, better known as Bubba from the TV show, MAMA'S FAMILY. Kayser also played the part of Brad in the 1986 Horror favorite, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS! I was cool seeing Kayser in a film again, and he did a wonderful job here. This film is also very intense and powerful, especially when you hear the voice of "God"on the phone!

Writer/Director Patrick Rea's films are very impressive to say the least. The production quality on these films is remarkable, both of which have the look of a slick, high budget, studio feature. I have to admit that I have never given too much credit to short films, as I assumed they were made short for two reasons; either lack of a good story to fill a full film, or lack of a budget big enough to make a full feature film. I can honestly say that these short films from SenoReality Pictures has entirely changed the way I look at short films. These films have plenty of story packed into their short run time and look to be produced on a budget 10x greater than what the actual budget probably was. Writer Director Rae does more with 20 minutes than most directors do with 2 hours of film time. I am extremely impressed by his work and look forward to more of his work in the future!

CLICK HERE to watch DO NOT DISTURB for free, online at Vimeo.com
CLICK HERE to watch NEXT CALLER for free, online at Vimeo.com

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of SenoReality Pictures

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