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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comic book spotlight: BLOKES TOMB OF HORROR #5

Yesterday I reviewed BLOKES TOMB OF HORROR #4, and today I will let you know about the latest issue, which is issue #5. Issue 5 is the "Italian invasion Issue 2", which features the wild tales of the DJUSTINE character seen in previous issues. These are all new stories so you don't need to have read the previous issues to enjoy this newest issue (although as good as this comic series is, there is no reason not to go back and read all the back issues!). I can honestly say this series is in my top 5 favorite Horror comics of all time! That is saying a lot, but I just love these comics and I know you other horror fans will too.


Issue #5 gives us Horror fans a whopping 12 stories to dig into. Each story is written by DJUSTINE creator Enrico Teodorani with artwork by a different artist, so each story you can a unique visual take on the story and the character of DJUSTINE. Stories in this issue include the following:

DEATH WALKS WITH DJUSTINE - The first tale of DJUSTINE shows here in an epic showdown between her and Diabla, the Devil's own daughter!
BEWARE DJUSTINE IS COMING - a small western town beckons DJUSTINE to help them rid their problem of the dead rising from the graves....but after DJUSTINE takes care of their problem, her problems are just beginning!
DJUSTINE IN THE CHURCH OF EVIL - DJUSTINE interrupts a groups attempt to offer up a girl to Satan, but is she too late??
DJUSTINE AND THE DEAD - A short, simple story told with no dialog, which shows us what DJUSTINE does best....killing the living dead!! (on a personal note, the artwork by Enrique Badia Romero is one of my favorite envisionings of the DJUSTINE character)
DJUSTINE CONTRA EL HOMBRE LOBO - A one page depiction of DJUSTINE battleing werewolves!!
5 GRAVES FOR DJUSTINE - DJUSTINE is has been invited to a graveyard duel by infamous gunslinger Ringo Hauff, but when she arrives, she finds her old nemesis, Diabla, who has received the same invatation. But this is no time to fight amongst themselves, as they have to team up to fight Ringo Hauff and his undead gang of friends!
DJUSTINE VS ZOMBI GUNSLINGER - DJUSTINE has to use something a little stronger than bullets when she is facing an undead enemy!
DJUSTINE BY THE CEMETERY - DJUSTINE has battled the undead and werewolves, so it was just a matter of time before she had to battle a vampire!
THE WITCH IS BACK - DJUSTINE take revenge on the townfolk that accused her friend of being a witch and burning her alive.
MADAM FRANKENTEINS CASTLE OF FREAKS - Madam Frankenstein has control over a group of freaks that do her every bidding...but when DJUSTINE takes that control away, Madam Frankenstein's freaks extract their revenge on their former master!
THAT CURSED DAY OF WINTER - While DJUSTINE had every intent of taking in this criminal alive, the wanted poster did say DEAD or alive....
HOUSE OF NIGHTMARES - while taking refuge in an old home, DJUSTINE is captured and treated in all sorts of inhumane ways, but lucky for her, she wakes up to discover it was just a dream....or was it? (This is my other personal favorite art style of the DJUSTINE character drawn by Nik Guerra)

This is another great issue to add to your collection. Be warned that is one is not for the kiddo's for sure (not that any of the other issues are!), but this issue packs even more brutal violence and busty babes than most issues! Click the link below to purchase issue #5 today!

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Virus Comix

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