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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Directed by: Jason Murphy
Production Co.: In The Dark Entertainment
Distributed by: Passion River Films

ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES!, also known as STRIPPERS VS. ZOMBIES, is a great, fun film that doesn't take itself serious (and how could it with a name like that). The film wasn't made to win any awards or great accolades, it was made to entertain you and give you a laugh, which it does both. Here is the basic plot from the imdb website:

A drug experiment gone wrong produces a league of blood-thirsty zombies. It is up to a small band of exotic dancers trapped in a gentleman's club to fight back. Together they must rely on their wits and skills to survive the night, and pray that they don't become victims of the flesh-eating zombies!

Ok, well I guess the plot listing is pretty pointless, as what else do you expect a movie subtitled STRIPPERS VS. ZOMBIES to be about? This movie combines two things most all guys like, Strippers and Zombies, so how could you NOT like a film about that? Well, remember the film ZOMBIE STRIPPERS? Somehow, that film managed to be horrible, even though it contained both Zombies and Strippers. Luckily, this film gets it right and is a much more enjoyable film than the aforementioned film.

While the plot is pretty basic, it still manages to introduce something to the Zombie genre that I hadn't seen before. That something is a Zombie "antidote", if you will, that gets accidentally injected in a regular person. Now, anytime a zombie bites that person, the zombie has a violent reaction and explodes! Good for mankind, but bad for the man that has to keep letting the Zombies bit him in order to kill them all!

The film is obviously low budget, but still manages to have some great Zombie effects, including a great weed eater to the face scene, a great chainsaw impalement scene and a spectacular shotgun head shot scene that I actually had to rewind to see how they did it. It was CGI, but it was done very smoothly were you couldn't see the transition. A great effect for sure. While a lot of the kill scenes are CGI, some were done with practical effects. Both looks pretty good, although the Zombie explosions at the end are totally CGI and are lacking in their believability. Other than that, this is a fun, entertaining film overall.

DVD Special features include:

* Blooper Reel
* Commentary from the Writer and Director
* Making of Featurette
* Extended 3D Opening Scene

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