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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I just finished a great book from Hanson Press, Inc. called, THE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE TO SURVIVING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE which was written by Bud Hanzel and John Olson and illustrated by Mark Stegbauer. This is a great book that covers all the bases to surviving the upcoming Zombie apocalypse.

The book starts of with some general information about Zombies and descriptions of zombie progression, then quickly moves into the main part of the book, which is planning and preparation for the apocalypse. Along with the basic text, this book has detailed illustrations and some very important checklists to follow, including a general preparation checklist and a shopping list of food and supplies you will need in order to make it through the apocalypse. The book discusses all aspects of survival, including a section on transportation and the best vehicles to use as well as an expected section on weapons, and the best to use for certain situations.

One thing I really liked about this survival guide, as compared to the many others that are out there, was the inclusion of a "Theoretical Time Line" which outlined an example outbreak and what to expect, all the way from the first days of the outbreak, all the way out to one year after surviving the outbreak. Another great feature of this book is a section in the back of recipes, easy recipes that use few ingredients and few steps which are easy to make while in "survival mode".

Finally, there is a Zombie Survival Quiz to take to see if you have mastered everything taught in the book. Score low and you better read over this manual again...score high and you might be ready to take on all those nasty Zombies once the apocalypse begins!
This is one of the better Zombie Apocalypse survival guides I have read, and I have read quite a few. This book has a tremendous amount of information, tons of great illustrations, and is written in an easy to read and humorous manner. I highly recommend this to all my family and friends whom I want to see survive the inevitable zombie uprising!!!

Get your copy today!!

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