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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Comic book spotlight: BLOKE'S TOMB OF HORROR #4

You might remember from a while back when I did a post about the awesome comic book company, Virus Comix. Well I have just read the latest 2 issues of their awesome title, BLOKES TOMB OF HORROR, and I have to say that these just keep getting better as they go. I'm not sure how that is possible considering how good those first few issues were, but they do seem to keep getting better! Each issue of BTOH contains multiple short stories written by different writers and different artists on almost every story. Each artist brings their own style of art and what you end up with is a very cool collection of stories and art styles, all together in one volume. This is a very cool comic and I highly recommend it for all you fans of Horror comics! The latest issues are #4 and #5. Reviewed here first is issue #4. Check back tomorrow for my review of issue #5!


Blokes Tomb of Horror #4 states on it's cover that is "52 pages of Blood Dripping Madness!" and it doesn't lie. BTOH #4 gives you 7 tales of non-stop horror! Stories include:

DARK WULF CHAPETER 2 -(continued from issue #2) continues the story of a great warrier who battles the n the evil and undead, in order to seek revenge on those that killed his wife and child.
PARIS 1830 - tells the story of a killer on the loose in France, but this is no ordinary killer!
TOMB OF BLOKE VS CALEVERA - a tale of a razor clawed woman battling the undead who falls victim to one of the undead enemies she battled..but is this the last we have seen of Calevera??
FRANKENSTEIN VS THE LIVING DEAD - see what happens when an army of the undead invade a castle, but not just any castle....Frankenstein's castle!!
CALAVERA: BLOODBOUND - a darkly funny story where Calavera saves the life of a girl about to be killed by a winged vampire demon...or does she?
CALAVERA IN STRANGER AEONS - a short story, told with no dialog, but explained in a quote from H.P. Lovecraft --"and in stranger aeons, even death may die"
THE DEVIL AND THE GIRL- a tale of love between two lovers gone horribly wrong with beautiful artwork by Stefano Alghisi.

As I stated above, each issue of BTOH just keeps getting better. Issue #4 is another great issue that kept me entertained the entire length of the comic. With some anthologies like this, you might get one or two great stories, a couple good ones, and then some that you just skip over because they don't keep your attention. That is not the case here with BTOH #4. Each tale is entertaining and a fun read. Each story is fairly short, so they jump right into the action and don't let up. Virus Comix has hit another home run with Blokes Tomb of Horror #4!!

Buy Blokes Tomb of Horror #4

CLICK HERE to visit the Virus Comix website and purchase back issues and other titles

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