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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Directed by Richard Griffin
Distributed by Shock-O-Rama Cinema

I knew from the minute I saw the poster art for this film, that I was in for a fun treat. I could tell this movie was not going to take itself seriously, and was obviously made just to have fun and entertain. This film is like a throwback film to the creature features of the 50's and 60's, although done with a more modern twist. Before, I go any further, here is the basic plot from the Shock-O-Rama Cinema website:

Following a toxic spill, science students are set upon by insane and inbred locals. Little do they know their greatest threat is a hulking humanoid borne of radioactive mutation ascending from the inky blackness of the lagoon!

This was a very fun film to watch. It reminded me of the good Trauma films like THE TOXIC AVENGER films. It was campy, with a good mixture of Horror and Comedy. From a technical aspect, this was actually a pretty well made film for such an obvious low budget picture. The cinematography and camera work was really well done, with some very cool and creepy shots of the swamp/lagoon. The creature effects in this film were also well done. One thing I really liked was that 100% of the effects were practical effects. I didn't see any CGI in this film at all, which to me is a huge plus. So much CGI just looks too fake, especially when used in a lower budget film making. Having all the effects be real model/makeup effects was a good thing, for sure! There were quite a few gore effects in this film, so you gorehounds will be happy, and all of them were very well done. I would suspect that the majority of the budget for this film went into the effects, especially when you see a full body that has been eaten down to the skeleton by the fish creature.

The acting in the film was good overall, some actors better than others, and then some that were a little overbearing, but overall it was good for this type of film. As I stated before, the film does not take itself seriously, and you shouldn't either. This would be a great film for a group of friends to get together with a case of beer and watch a fun movie that you didn't have to think about. This movie was made purely to entertain and have fun, and that it does! If you are a fan of Trauma films, and like a mixture of comedy with your Horror, then this is the film for you!

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