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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Check out the great short film, ZOMBIE-AMERICAN!

Check out this great short film (about 8 minutes) called ZOMBIE-AMERICAN. It is a short documentary made in 2005 about being a member of the walking dead in a living world. Glenn is a zombie living in New York City and dealing with the difficulties and prejudices that come with being in the minority. Glen gives you his side of the story, to make us see that zombies are really no different than ourselves. The film stars Ed Helms (Andy from "The Office") and was produced and directed by Nick Poppy. This is funny stuff, check it out!
Watch and learn!

Click HERE to go to the Official Zombie American web page


  1. Hayes!

    Hey man--- cool site!! SO--- did you see that Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights this year is for you! It's all about horror movies and being called "Ripped from the Silver Screen"! You really must come down some weekend and you and I go--- my treat- I would get us a VIP tour ---- This event is awesome!

    Talk to you soon and great website!


  2. I saw an ad for that! That would be sweet! Glad you like the site!!

  3. Lol! That was hilarious. Ed is a funny mofo and this short was great.