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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE is a great horror/comedy that came out way back in 1988. I remember seeing this movie in Jr. High and thinking it was one of the greatest movies ever! I hadn't seen it in over 10 years, so thought I would re-watch it to see if it was still as good as I remember and to see if it held up over all those years. I am happy to say, it was as good as I remembered even today. The effects are cheesy, but they were cheesy even back in 1988 when the movie came out. That was part of the charm and, intentional or not, added to the comedic factor of the film.

The basic premise is a group of clowns, er Klowns, comes down to earth in a space ship that resembles a big top circus tent! Or should that be Kircus tent? Anyway, the spaceship/tent lands in the forest and a group of nosey teenagers set out to see what it is exactly. They go in the spaceship and find that some of the local townsfolk are being hidden away in big pods of Cotton Candy like a Cocoon!!

Tons of cheesy dialog also adds to the laugh factor. My favorite bit of dialog from the film:

Girl: "Why are they shooting popcorn at us?"
Boy: (in a irritated tone) "Because they're clowns!!"

Click HERE to watch the trailer...

and then ......

Click HERE to go buy the film from AMAZON.COM! You can get a used copy for less than $3 (plus shipping)! What a deal!

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