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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie Review: MUM AND DAD

A couple nights ago I watched a great film from the U.K. called MUM AND DAD. It is a pretty disturbing film with lots of surreal images and situations. The basic plot is a "Mum and Dad" who have two "adopted" kids, Birdie and Elbie, that work at the airport. Apparently, their job is to "recruit" new kids to come join Mum and Dad's happy little family. The newest victim is Lena, she is tricked into going home with Birdie and Elbie one night and once she is in the house, Mum and Dad don't plan on letting her leave. This movie is hard to describe, but it is definitely worth seeing. It is not the typical watered down horror films we get in the U.S. most of the time, this is a gritty, violent, shocking film that you will not forget long after viewing it.

Click HERE to watch the trailer.

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