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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Construction equipment gone wild!! KILLDOZER!!!

Check out this little gem. In 1974, a made for TV movie came out about a meteor that has a special power. This meteor is hit by a bulldozer, and then said meteor power is transferred to the bulldozer. This power basically makes the bulldozer "possessed", to the point where it now drives by itself and starts to kill people!!! This is no ordinary bulldozer.....no, this is KILLDOZER!!!!! This movie looks like it would be in the so bad it's good category!

Click HERE to watch the trailer (please excuse the horrible quality of this video, it's the only trailer I could find online).

Also, you can actually watch the entire film on YouTube. Start HERE with Part 1 and then watch all the parts up through Part 7.


  1. OMG...I might have to watch this movie, just for the suck-factor! What could be better than construction-equipment gone berzerk? Actually, I know: The Nail-gun Massacre. Hayes, there's one for you to review!! What a gem!

  2. Probably as good as the TEXAS VIBRATOR MASSACRE...yes, that is a real movie, and yes, it is just like it sounds! HA

  3. Oh Dear God I figured out where Syfy get's all their movie ideas from

  4. HAHAHA! Never heard of TVM, although I can only imagine what kind of quality that is!!

  5. Interestingly enough, Killdozer was made in the very year I was born...coincidence? Surely not...