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Monday, July 27, 2009

PLATOON OF THE DEAD trailer.....don't get your hopes up.

I always love when I find out about a new zombie film, so I was super excited to hear about PLATOON OF THE DEAD. But...then I watched the trailer. I can't tell anything about the plot, other than the movie is about soldiers fighting zombies...most the time in the woods, other times in what looks to be peoples backyards. It looks like this could be a cool (though, obviously low, low, budget) film, but some of the "special" effects are pretty cheesy. And although only a small portion of dialog is spoken in this trailer, the little that is sounds pretty bad. But...I have not seen this film, so who am I to judge. It could end up being really good, or it could be really bad. Or..it could be so bad that it is actually pretty funny and enjoyable. Who knows?

You can buy a copy of the DVD by clicking HERE...but first, I would click HERE to watch the trailer to see what you think.

Click HERE to go to the film's official Myspace page.

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