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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from Branson...

I'm back and got to check out the Haunted House and Monster Asylum. This was a very cool attraction and must see for haunted house fans. The gallery of monsters was neat, with everyone from Nosferatu to Freddy Krueger. There were many scares in the haunted house, and would be more fun in a group. I went in solo due to my wife hating scary things (opposites attract!). While going alone might not have been as fun, it was neat because I got to take my time and really study the sets and costumes. The animatronics were great, especially the huge skeleton "thing" at the end. It must be seen to be believed!!!

While I thought I would only be seeing this one horror attraction, I found out about another horror themed attraction through a brochure my wife ran across. It is called the CASTLE OF CHAOS and is called a true 5D attraction!! It is the world's first 3D film, ride, and shooting game in one terrifying adventure!!! It is a 3D HD film shown on 3 different screens. You are seated on a rotating platform that spins at 15rpms from one screen to the next. The seats are equipped with speakers and sensors the release smoke, water, wind, sound, and even foul scents! There are animatronic figures that pop out from time to time as well. Also, they have programmed an interactive system that allows you to shoot at the zombies coming at you on the screen. The top few scorers will be pictured up on the screen at the end. This was a great experience and something I will defiantly do again next time I am in Branson.

The HAUNTED HOUSE AND MONSTER ASYLUM is located on Hwy. 76 right next to Walmart and is part of the Dinosaur Museum.

The CASTLE OF CHAOS is located on Hwy. 76 in the same building as the HOLLYWOOD WAX MUSEUM.

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