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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night I watched the 1974 Jean Rollin film, LES DEMONIAQUES (DEMONIACS). For those not familiar with Jean Rollin, he is a French born director known mainly for this many Vampire films. DEMONIACS was a little different, it was actually the first movie I saw of his that wasn't about Vampires. The film is about a group of "wreckers" that lure ships into the rocky shore and they ravage the ships and rape and kill people on board. On one night, after two beautiful young women emerge from the wreckage, they rape and kill them. Or do they? Suddenly the leader of the wreckers is seeing visions of them. Are they haunting him or did the girls mysteriously come back to life to life to seek revenge on those that raped and beat them? It seems as though the girls did come back and are headed to a monastery where a demon is being help captive (apparently to Jean Rollin, a demon is an over actor in a gaudy costume with bad dialog). Anyway, if they free this "demon" and surrender their bodies to him, then his power will transfer to their bodies for one night...long enough for them to use them against the wreckers and take their revenge upon them. Oh, and did I mention said "demon" was guarded by a woman dressed up like a circus clown...because "no one would think to look for a demon being guarded by someone is such a crazy outfit"! HA!
The film has everything you would expect from a Jean Rollin film including the bad dialog, bad acting, confusing plot, and, of course, the ever famous gratuitous nudity. While not a great movie by any means, it really wasn't a bad movie. And compared to other Jean Rollin films, then this is one of his better efforts. Some films are bad, and then some are so bad and crazy that I can't help but like them. I think this film falls into that category.

I was trying to find a trailer to post for you to view, but didn't have any luck finding one online. I did find a scene from the film on Youtube. Click HERE to watch a scene where the girls have cornered the female member of the wreckers and try to kill her.

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