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Friday, October 30, 2009


I just finished watching a fun film called INFESTATION. It would be classified under the "Monster movie" sub genre of the Horror genre. The movie is about bug....huge bugs. Here is the plot synopsis from the back of the DVD:

Fear takes over a mundane workday when slacker office drone Cooper (Chris Marquette) wakes up in a massive cocoon spun by mutant, flesh-eating insects. One by one, Cooper unwraps those around him, forming a team of strangers to fight off the infestation. The team and other survivors must battle to say alive and take back the Earth by fighting off gigantic flying bugs and human hybrid mutants.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. While obviously shot on a low budget, the filmmakers make the most of it with some pretty good effects. There is a good amount of comedy within the movie and actually some decent acting for this type of film. Chris Marquette does a wonderful job as the main male lead, Cooper, and keeps the film light and funny throughout. Also...if you have never seen a zombie human/spider mutant, you will not be able to say so after watching this film. I highly recommend this film if you wanna just take your mind off stuff and just sit back and have a good time. Plus..you gotta love this films tag-line: "Prepare For Global Swarming"!

Ha! Classic!

Click HERE to watch the trailer for INFESTATION

Although I liked the film, my buddy Scott did not. For an opposite view on INFESTATION, check out his movie review of the film at his blog HERE. Scott and I are usually dead on when it comes to films, but we will have to agree to disagree on this one!! HA.

Have you seen INFESTATION? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

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