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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Check out the trailer for the new film doc, MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED

MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED was written and directed by Mark Hartley, the man that brought us the great documentary on Aussie exploitation films, NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD.
Here is the basic plot of this new documentary from the film's Imdb page:

Karate-kicking midgets! Paper-mache monsters! Busty babes with blades! Filipino genre films of the '70s and '80s had it all. Boasting cheap labour, exotic scenery and non-existent health and safety regulations, the Philippines was a dreamland for exploitation filmmakers whose renegade productions were soon engulfing drive-in screens around the globe like a tidal schlock-wave! At last, the all-too-often overlooked world of drive-in filler from Manilla gets the Mark Hartley (NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD) treatment in Machete Maidens Unleashed! This is the ultimate insiders' account of a faraway backlot where stunt men came cheap, plot was obsolete and the make-up guy was packing heat! Machete Maidens Unleashed! features interviews with cult movie icons Roger Corman, Joe Dante, John Landis, Sid Haig, Eddie Romero and a large assembly of cast, crew and critics, each with a jaw-dropping story to tell about filmmaking with no budget, no scruples, no boundaries and - more often than not - no clothes. Strap yourselves in - and join us for a non-stop Filipino femme-fest, all the way from the jungles of the Pacific via the trash cans of the critics!

This film had me at Karate-kicking midgets! Check out the trailer for what looks to be another great exploitation film doc!!
CLICK HERE to watch the trailer

1 comment:

  1. "I used to think that I'd let all of you pee in my face just to see where it came from, but Hell not anymore!"

    Simply priceless. I think that doc covers just about everything that's great with cult cinema and wrong with Hollywood. Thanks for the link, Hayes!