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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have found the greatest Zombie iphone app!!!

I recently got my first iphone, and like any good Horror phone, I immediately started looking through all the apps trying to find some cool Horror games and more specifically, Zombie games. I think I have finally found the best Zombie game for the iphone. It is called ZOMBIE INFECTION by Gameloft, and will have you addicted the first time you play. There is a free version which lets you play just the first level, and I have a feeling that anyone that gets the free version (like I did), will instantly upgrade to the full game (like I did) after playing that one level. One level just isn't enough!

The game is almost a first person shooter, although you do see your character right in front, so technically I guess it is a 3rd person shooter. The game controls are very simple and easy to use and the graphics are amazing for a game on the iphone. It really looks like you are playing an Xbox or Playstation game.

You can download the free version from the app store, or just save yourself some time and download the full game for only $2.99!!
I guarantee you will love this game!!

Do you have any other favorite Zombie games for the iphone? If so, let me know! I will do a future post about some of the other great Horror apps I have found!


  1. Okay, okay. You make me want to break my personal promise to never become a cell phone person...

  2. Ha...yeah, I put off getting an iphone for a while, but now wish I would have a long time ago! This game is addicting!!

  3. I NEED TO GET AN iPhone!!!! Hey, maybe that's what you could get me for Christmas...as a 'Thank you' for doing reviews. HA!!