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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Edited by Phil and Sarah Stokes
Published by Earthling Publications

 Most horror fans are very familiar with the name Clive Barker.   Some might know him just from his films  (HELLRAISER, NIGHTBREED), but most will also know him as a brillian author and quite an amazing artist as well.    Barker's "Books of Blood" series is considered one of the greatest horror anthologies every printed, and most everyone is familiar with his "Abarat" series, and his story, "The Hellbound Heart", which was the basis for the film HELLRAISER.

 While Barker has written many novels and short stories, he has also written hundreds of introductions, forewords, and short pieces for other people's work as well.  You will find most all of those collected here, together for the first time.  Here is the synopsis of the book from the Earthling Publications website:

 From the man who has brought you twenty books of dark fiction and fantasy, unforgettable horror movies such HELLRAISER and CANDYMAN, and countless paintings and illustrations, this is the first-ever collection of Clive Barker’s nonfiction. Representing more than 25 years of writing, THE PAINTER, THE CREATURE, AND THE FATHER OF LIES contains:

* All the introductions he’s written for his own works (prefaces in fiction and non-fiction books, liner notes on CDs/laserdiscs/DVDs, introductions in graphic novel adaptations, text of theatre playbills, and more);
* All the forewords and afterwords he’s written on other people’s works (books, graphic novels, etc.); and
* Essays and articles written for magazines on the horror genre and other topics.

These have never been collected together and many are nearly impossible to track down. Furthermore, from Barker’s personal archives: a couple of unpublished pieces, including an unused self-penned introduction to Volume 1 of the BOOKS OF BLOOD from 1983 written from the point of view of a demon interviewing Clive Barker.

The editors, Phil and Sarah Stokes, who operate the official Clive Barker website at www.clivebarker.info, have spent the past several years compiling these 100 separate pieces to produce a truly definitive work. This collection features a new foreword by Barker, an introduction by the Stokes, and new illustrations by Barker. The numbered and lettered edition will contain bonus material: cover images for the majority of publications in which the nonfiction pieces were first published.

If you haven’t read any of Barker’s nonfiction, you’ll find that it’s just as compelling, enjoyable, and well-written as his fiction. These pieces cover the inspirations for his works, insights into the creative process, and musings on art and the horror genre. Not currently scheduled to be published anywhere else, don’t miss this landmark collection from a modern master of horror and dark fantasy.
 That is a very lengthy synopsis, but that is necessary to tell you what all you will find inside this book.
Along with all the linear notes Barker wrote to his movies, it is the lesser known writings that I found so interesting in this book.  Some of the writings I found so interesting were ones like the linear notes he wrote for the LORD OF ILLUSIONS unrated laser disc, something I had never read since I never owned a laser disc player!  Barker also wrote an introduction to the Imajica card game rule book and even more obscure, an open letter to the editors of 100 U.S Newspapers that he wrote back in 1997 where he, along with P.E.T.A., was requesting that they stop publishing stories about hunting and killing animals in the Outdoors sections of their newspapers, saying these kinds of stories belong on the obituary pages!  

 There is very rare and obscure stuff like this all throughout this amazing book.  The regular hardcover is out of print at this time, but keep your eyes peeled for a second printing which I'm sure will happen at some point.  But, true Clive Barker fans will want to purchase the limited edition signed copy which is still available on the Earthling Publications website.  The limited edition is limited to 250 numbered hardcovers, is bound in leather and housed in a cloth-covered slipcase, and signed by Clive Barker and Phil and Sarah Stokes!  This limited edition sells for $125.  While that seems like a lot of money, you are getting a very rare collectible signed by Clive Barker himself.  I would say that is actually quite a bargain, especially when you consider the out of print regular hardcover sells on Amazon.com for over $100!

 Any Clive Barker fan will need a copy of this book in their personal library.  Don't miss out on your chance to get this great book and rare collectible!

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