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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Check out the new EVIL DEAD 2 figures from NECA Toys


I recently took by two 5 year old boys to Toys 'R Us to buy some toys with some money that they had earned and received in birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc.   One of my boys came away with a Sonic the Hedgehog remote control car, while the other bought a Scooby Doo comic book and a set of Legos. 
  I came away with a couple of cool toys too!  While helping my kids find something to buy, I spotted these awesome EVIL DEAD 2 ACTION FIGURES from NECA Toys!  I have all the ARMY OF DARKNESS action figures, but always wanted some from what I consider the best film of the trilogy, EVIL DEAD 2!   The two figures that are out now are "Farewell To Arms Ash"  and "Deadite Ash"!   Check these out and if you are a action figure collector like I am, you will definitely want to add these to your collection!  Toys 'R Us sells these for $14.95 + tax.  Get them before they are gone!!

CLICK HERE to purchase the figures from Toys 'R Us


  1. Those are awesome figurines! And the price isn't that bad! So, I think I'll order! ^_^

  2. The Real Queen of Horror should definitely own a pair of these!!