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Sunday, April 1, 2012

DVD Review: PORKCHOP (2010)

Written & Directed by  Eamon Hardiman
Distributed by  MVD Entertainment

 I didn't know much about the film, PORKCHOP.  I haven't talked to anyone who had seen it or read any reviews about it.  I went into this one totally unbiased.   I was a little iffy about it based on the films plot.  Here is the plot courtesy of the MVD Entertainment website:

Get ready for some serious partying, mayhem and gore '80s style in this deranged satire and celebration of classic slasher cinema! A group of young campers head into the wilderness for a weekend of sex, booze and silliness at an abandoned summer camp - only to be picked off one by one by a blood-thirsty, chainsaw-wielding psychopath wearing a pig's head mask. Who will survive? The cheerleader? The slut? The nerd and his anatomically correct talking robot? Loaded with boobs, blood and '80s synth-pop, PORKCHOP reminds us it's still not safe to go back in the woods. 

 A group of kids heads to woods for a weekend camping trip, only to be killed off one by one by a killer lurking in the woods.  Not the most original story line by any means....but, PORKCHOP  still manages to be original enough to not let that over-used plot bring it down.  I was really expecting just a re-hash of every other "killer in the woods" type film, but luckily this one kept my interest.

The main "gimmick" I guess you could say, is that it is made to look like a classic splatter film from the 1980's.  The filmmakers pull this off perfectly,  not only from the looks of the actors (clothing, etc), but also in the film itself.   It looks like your watching a VCR tape rather than a DVD which gives it an instant nostalgic feel.

 There is some pretty good gore in the film, including a nasty head-splitting courtesy of Porkchop and his rusty machete.  Also, the scene with the chainsaw and the cheerleader is one you will remember long after you watch the film!  In contrast to the killing and gore, there is also some fun comic relief from the "nerd" character and his robot friend he built.  The robot seems to have taken a life of its own and reveals some very embarrassing stuff about his maker! 

 If you want a fun, entertaining horror flick, this would be a good one to check out for sure.

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