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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Distributed by:   MVD Entertainment

From the looks of the DVD cover, WOMEN'S BLOOD BATH WRESTLING should be about the coolest DVD ever made.  The cover boasts the comment "Horror and wrestling collide in an erotic showdown!".    What horror fan wouldn't like that!   Unfortunately,  the old saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover" applies to crappy horror wrestling DVD's too!   Here is synopsis courtesy of the MVD Entertainment website:

The Hottest Women of Horror in Blood-Soaked Hand-to-Hand Combat! Featuring some of the most gorgeous actresses in the underground horror scene, Women's Blood Bath Wrestling is a free-for-all of epic, plasmic proportions! See them hold, kick, slap and grapple each other right into a giant pool of blood until they are all completely soaked in sin!

Ok....I have to state that this DVD blatantly lies to you, starting with the first sentence of the DVD synopsis! "The Hottest Women of Horror"?  Really, let's hope not, or horror movies are doomed!  "Featuring some of the most gorgeous actresses in the underground horror scene".  If that's the case, they need to stay underground!!   Ok, that might sound a little mean, but really there were only 2 good looking girls in this "film".    The rest had great personalities, I'm sure!

The second lie comes from the front of the DVD, with the blurb that states "Watch as Scream Queens battle in their own blood!!".  There was a not a drop of real blood in these wrestling matches.  Granted they had some red stuff all over them, but it was something that someone just poured into the "ring" out of a water pitcher to look like blood.     

Notice I put the word ring in quotations in the paragraph above.  That's because while most wrestling matches take place in a ring, these matches all take place in a kiddie pool.  This was apparently an event at a Horror Convention called  "Genghis Con II:  The Wrath of Con" as it was filmed in the event room at the hotel.  It basically looks like someone just watching recorded this on their home video camera and somehow it made it's way to an actual DVD release.

How this ever got distributed as it's own DVD, I'll never know.  If anything, this should have been an extra or a special feature on the Genghis Con II  DVD, if they made one.

Extras on the DVD include a "Behind the Scenes: In the alley" feature and a feature called "Sneaking in the showers with the Blood Bath Wrestlers".   Wait, what was that!?  Ok, that is worth the price of the DVD right there...right?   WRONG....unless you like seeing girls shower fully clothed.    Yet another letdown from this DVD.  

Give this DVD a shot if you want, but don't come running back to me when you are disappointed or I will say "I told you so"!

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