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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


While not deeply rooted in Horror, I still feel the need to share a review of AND WE SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS by the metal group VESSELS OF WRATH (V.O.W.). Metal music seems to go hand in hand with the Horror genre in many ways, and this Industrial/Metal group is one of the best in the metal genre...plus this is a just a damn good album I think you all should know about!
AND WE SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS is V.O.W.'s follow up CD to their first album, 'TIS NOW STRUCK TWELVE: THE SHAPE OF GOTH TO COME. This follow-up CD shows tremendous growth from the group as true artists, with a wider range of sounds and different types of singing, from sections of spoken word, as heard in the song AMERICAN GOTHIC, to the more melodic singing in the 80's Sisters Of Mercy cover, LUCRETIA MY REFLECTION. Lead singer Matt Yeager does a superb job of switching between melodic singing to typical Metal "roaring", as I call it, with such grace and ease. It is seamless as he switches between the types of singing which is very impressive. Yeager is supported by a cast of extremely talented musicians. Maria Ellen Martinez's soft vocals are a nice compliment to Yeager's rougher voice. The Keyboard and synthesized sounds are great and the guitars and drums on this CD are as good as any "big name" metal group I have heard. Just listen to the opening of BATTLE HYMN OF THE REDUNDANT and you will see what I am talking about. Do yourself a favor and get this great CD. You can purchase it from the link below for only $10 which includes shipping!


Lead vocals- Matt Yeager
Vocals- Maria Ellen Martinez
Keyboard/programing/vocals- Daniel Mcabe
Drums- Bryan Upton
Guitar- Blakely Upton
Guitar/vocals- Caleb "Jib" Shaner
Bass/vocals- Caleb Schoeppe

CLICK HERE to purchase AND WE SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS for only $10 (shipping included!!)
CLICK HERE to go to the official website of VESSELS OF WRATH
CLICK HERE to go to the VESSELS OF WRATH Myspace page
CLICK HERE to go to the VESSELS OF WRATH Facebook page

1 comment:

  1. Indeed metal music goes with horror.

    It also goes well with a teen kegger house party, a gaming session of Call of Duty, a good Irish-American bar brawl, bar mitzvahs, teddy bear picnics...

    Hell, it pretty much goes with everything. Which is why ze Gods LOVE it! :)