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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check out my interview on the DOLLAR BIN HORROR spotlight!

I was recently approached to do an interview for the awesome Horror blog, DOLLAR BIN HORROR. Periodically, DOLLAR BIN HORROR author Rhonny Reaper spotlights other Horror bloggers. I was honored that Rhonny asked me to be included in her Horror Spotlight series! You can check out the full article/interview HERE! Thanks Rhonny!


  1. Ohh I was all over this one, very cool indeed man, bet you never thought you would be interviewed by the Horror elite back when you were watching Friday the 13th for the hundredth time last year =D

  2. I was honored to include you :) glad you liked it! if you need anything else at all, hit me up, im always here :D and love the banner! who made this one?

    and Carl..."interviewed by the Horror elite" im sooooo not the horror elite!!! lol But thank you for the compliment XD

  3. I made the new banner myself! I learned about the Picnik facebook application and I have been having so much fun with it! I have made tons of new headers, I will switch them out periodically!