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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Kids! It coloring time!! Get out your Zombie Coloring Books!!!

What? You don't have a Zombie Coloring Book? Well, you can now! My buddy Scott over at the ScottBaker.com Blog (a great source of sci-fi/horror/everything else info) posted about a Zombie Coloring Book he found online! Illustrator Alex Row has created the coloring book and it is available for only $7 plus shipping! Get out your "gray matter" and "blood red" crayons and start coloring! Great for kids of all ages!!

CLICK HERE to go to Alex's site and get your copy!


  1. Awesome. I needed something to do during "wet play".

  2. Awesome! Every kid should have a zombie colouring book!

    Shelagh @ KinderScares