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Saturday, January 9, 2010

One of the best Zombie movies you may have never heard of: CEMETERY MAN

After talking with other Horror fans, I am amazed at how few know about the film CEMETERY MAN. The film is directed by Italian director Michele Soavi and is known by the alternative/original Italian name of DELLAMORTE DELLAMORTE. The film was made in 1994 and remains to this day one of my top 5 Zombie films of all time. The film stars Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte, the caretaker of a cemetery. For some reason, every body buried in this cemetery rises from the grave after the 7th day of being buried. Francesco is fine with killing the "returners" as he calls them, until a woman he falls in love with is killed and is buried in the cemetery. Check this movie out if you haven't seen it already...it might be one of your new faves you didn't even know was out there!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for CEMETERY MAN


  1. You forgot to mention that the lovely Anna Falchi is in this. Awesome flick.This should get more props.

  2. Agreed! Cemetery Man is awesome and way more people should know about it!

    Shelagh @ KinderScares

  3. I am very chagrinned to say that I have not seen this one, although I have heard about it (I think). Sad, sad, I know, that I, being such a zombe-afficiandao, am lacking on this one. I guess I should just go sacrifice myself to be zombie-food...

  4. Certainly an all time favorite of mine, Soavi has quickly become one of my favorite Italian directors, it is just unfortunate that his canon of work is so limited

  5. Great film! So odd and the production design rules!

    It's based on a really cool comic called Dylan Dog.