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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Directed by:  Joe Castro
Distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures

I know most of you have seen tons of slasher films, but can you say you have seen the movie that holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for the highest body count in a single film?   That record is 155 kills ant the movie is called THE SUMMMER OF MASSACRE.   I am proud to say that I have now seen this record holding film.  Here is the basic plot of the film from the breaking glass pictures website:

 Director-Writer, Joe Castro (Terror Toons 1&2, The Jackhammer Massacre) introduces another original tale -- the first anthology slasher film which presents eight killers in 5 gorefest tales. Featuring Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre), Nick Principe (Laid to Rest), and Cleve Hall (Nightmare), plus a never before recorded gore epic body count with more than 150 onscreen deaths.
 Ungodly brutal beatings turns Chris, a young man, into a fiend that sets off a bloody, like never before seen, rampage. Beauty is truly only skin deep - Watch a young paraplegic, whose body is also wrecked with spinal bifida, fight for her life as her older, beautiful sister tries to murder her.
 It’s been 36 years since Jesse’s loving mother was raped by his biological father. Now, after hiding and running their entire lives in fear of this murderous rapist --- He has found them!A group of Christian teenagers are stalked, mamed and burned by a local legend in a haunted forest.
 Three legendary serial killers terrorize downtown Los Angeles by murdering countless innocent souls and the killer plan is to go out with a real bang.
 There’s nothing like the sweltering heat of summer to set off a massacre. The Summer of Massacre is a 100 mph slasher ride that never slows down. Packed with enough gore and insanity to send you looking for your barf bag.

 Well, they are right about the gore. It is non stop  Never does the film go for over a minute before you see the splattering of the red stuff.   The film is set up as an anthology which I always enjoy.  Most all the films are nothing but killing, except for the segment titled 'Lump' which actually does have a good plot and a clever twist at the end.   'Lump' is about a mentally challenged girl (with a lump on her face) who here beautiful sister can't stand.  The sister takes "lump" hiking with her and her friends and basically shoves her wheelchair over a cliff.  The girl survives the fall and then seeks revenge on her sister and her sisters friends. 

 With a 155 kills in this film, you think this would be the greatest slasher film of all time.  Unfortunately, there is one big problem.  All of the kills are done with CG.  ALL OF THEM.  And it is not good CG either.  In fact, it's not even bad CG.  It is horrible CG.   While some of the kills are cool and look good, the majority of them look so fact they are almost funny.   Take for instance a man killed by having a TV remote shoved in his mouth which somehow warrants the CG blood to fly!  And dont' get me started on the guy killed by having a bag of ice held over his face for about 5 seconds which causes his head to turn gray as if he were frozen to death.  Really?

 Ok, sorry, you know I hate CG effects in horror films.   But even some CG effects are necessary and are ok, but there is no excuse for the horrible CG effects found here.    Despite the GG, I still enjoyed this film, but I can't think about how good this film could have been if they would have cut the kills in half and spent more time and/or money on practical effects, or even some better CG effects.   This is definitely a case of the film maker's choosing quantity over quality. 

 THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE is available now on DVD and Blu-ray from Breaking Glass Pictures.

Special Features include:

* Director's Commentary
* Director's Diary  (Behind the Scenes)
* Interview with Bring Stevens
* Cast Auditions
* Joe Castro's "Childhood Massacre" short film

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray

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