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Friday, June 5, 2009

Check Out This Great New Magazine I Found: CINEMA SEWER

Just wanted to share some info on a new magazine I came across called CINEMA SEWER. Cinema Sewer is an Adults Only mag focusing on crazy, sleazy, cheesy, and trashy movies from the past. It is full of movie reviews, comics and other articles of interest to any fan of exploitation films. Each issue seems to have a theme (i.e. the Women In Prison Films, 80's Teen Movies, Etc.) and there is something in each issue for everyone. I came across these mags on Ebay and got a bundle of three and am bidding on a bundle of three more issues now! A man by the name of Robin Bougie is the genius behind these mags. Each mag has an awesome cover with great artwork and the mags are more comic book size than regular magazine size. In addition to the mag, you can buy other comics and the Cinema Sewer book (Collecting the best bits from the first 12 issues plus 100 pages of new material) on the Cinema Sewer website: http://www.cinemasewer.com/.

If it played at the drive-in or on 42nd Street, there is probably something about it in an issue of Cinema Sewer. It is amazing how much info Mr. Bougie manages to cram into each issue. I LOVE these magazines and I know you will too! Give them a shot!

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