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Saturday, June 6, 2009

FINAL DESTINATION 4 Trailer Has Been Released

I know not every horror fan is a fan of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, but I love these movies. I think they are entertaining and fun. I know they aren't going to win any awards, but they are entertaining which is what a movie is supposed to be. Some of the kills are spectacular and truly scary (girl hit by bus, plate glass window smash, barbed wire fence slicing) while there are a few that are boring and forgettable.

Part 4 is coming out in August and you can go to the official website to watch the trailer. I think this one looks good and should be awesome seeing as how it is being released in 3D! The new 3D technology is amazing. No more Red and Blue glasses which distorts all the color in the movie. The new clear/grey glasses keep the movie looking just like it is without glasses, but makes the movie come alive with the 3D action. This one should be a blast in 3D. The tire from the race car and the engine block coming right at the camera should be pretty cool. Watch the trailer and see what you think...

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