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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Horror movie remakes are getting out of hand!! AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON remake announced!

I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but it has now been announced that they are remaking AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON! AWIL (as I will refer to it throughout the rest of this post because I am lazy and don't feel like typing it out each time I need to mention it) is considered a true modern day classic. Not sure what they are thinking here. I guess every other horror movie is being remade, so they might as well do this one too! AWIL is pretty much a flawless film. Good story, good acting, good effects...not sure what there is to improve on. Of course, I am assuming they are remaking it to improve on the original, not just basically make the same movie to get it released again since it did so well the first time. Oh wait, maybe that is what they are doing. Otherwise, you would take a horror film from the past that wasn't so popular and revamp it and make it 10 times better than the original and make a new classic film! Remaking a movie just for the sake of remaking it to get a new audience to see it seems pointless to me. Might as well just re-release the original to theaters...of course, with DVD now, no one would pay to see the original in the theater if they can just rent it for $3 and watch it at home.

Anyway, there are a lot of pointless remakes out there....I have a feeling this will be one of them. BUT...I am not one to judge before I have seen the product. I will go and support the film and who knows, I could be pleasantly surprised. Time will tell....I will keep you up to date with more details when I find them.

So speaking of pointless remakes, how about a list of the 5 WORST horror movie remakes!

Here is my vote for 5 WORST:

1. PSYCHO - This classic Hitchcock film actually could have been improved upon, but instead they decided to do a shot-by-shot remake...what was the point of that?

2. THE WICKER MAN- Remake starred Nicolas Cage.....worst. actor. ever. Check out this youtube clip HERE. Someone made a fake trailer like this movie was a comedy. Funny stuff!

3. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD- I love Tom Savini, but this remake brought nothing new to the table. The original NOTLD was perfect. No remake needed.

4. THE AMITYVILLE HORROR- Let me say I am not the biggest fan of the original, so the remake could have..should have...been great. But Ryan Reynolds in the lead? Don't get me wrong, I think Ryan Reynolds is great...in comedy films. He is not a horror actor. I know horror movies don't get a lot of respect from the film industry, but not just anyone can act in a horror film. Poor casting killed this film.

5. LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT- Remake wasn't horrible, but nowhere near as good as Wes Craven's original. Not enough was changed to actually warrant a remake. In fact, 2 of the best scenes were either just forgot about or changed (toned down). I am speaking of the final revenge scene (chisel on front teeth) and the scene down by the lake where the mom gets her revenge during...well, you know what I'm referring to here if you have seen this film.

Ok...there is my 5 worst...what are yours?


  1. I hated the remake of The Fog. I'm a huge John Carpenter fan and thought that Rupert Wainright's remake was a disgrace.

  2. Ah yes..THE FOG...it would have been #6 or #7 on my list. HOUSE OF WAX would have been right there too. No legit horror film should have Paris Hilton as the star!