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Sunday, April 28, 2024


Distributed by:  Second Sight Films

I have seen a lot of horror films in my life.  I've always assumed I was kind of desensitized to horror movies since none really seem to scare or bother me anymore.   I was proven wrong after watching Caye Casas' newest film, THE COFFE TABLE.    Here is a brief synopsis of the film from the official press release:

David Pareja (Amigo) and Estefanía de los Santos (Jaulas) give gobsmackingly brilliant performances as Jesus and María, a couple going through a tough time in their relationship following the recent arrival of their newborn son. The fiery pair are struggling with the pressures that a new baby brings and their bickering only amplifies on a shopping trip to buy furniture that’s about to change their lives forever.


 What begins as a simple disagreement over which coffetable to buy quickly descends into a shocking and tragic event that will rip their lives apart.


 The film, co-starring Josep Maria RieraClaudia Riera and Eduardo Antuña promises an excruciatingly uncomfortable and harrowing experience, with a darker-than-dark sense of humour.


Sit down with The CoffeTable for a fantastically horrifying feature that you’ll never forget.

  I had never heard of this film going into it, so I honestly wasn't expecting much.  I was pleasantly shocked when it started with some very humorous banter and looked like a bigger budget film than I expected.   The first 20 minutes are fun, but right at that 20 minute mark, the film goes in a completely different direction and blindsides you with an event so traumatic, that you never get that fun feeling back like you had before.  The acting was superb in this film and it was very well paced.  I wish I could describe more of this film, but I don't want to give anything away.  This is one you must see to believe! 

  As stated above, not much bothers me anymore.   This film bothered me.   I haven't felt that kind of dread from watching a movie in a long time!   I will put out this one warning....new parents might want to steer clear of this one for quite some time.   This is a brutal film, and one I will be thinking about for a while.   It's not an easy watch for sure, but I can't recommend this one enough.   

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