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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DVD Review: BLOOD SCARAB (2008)

BLOOD SCARAB is another film from writer/director Donald F. Glut and Frontline Entertainment. Here is the basic plot from the Frontline DVD:

To exit in daylight, Elizabeth Bathroy, the infamous Blood Countess and widow of legendary vampire Count Dracula, makes a blood pact with an Egyptian goddess that involves three lovely victimes and a living Mummy! A centuries old craving collides with an ancient curse in this horrific climax to Frontline Entertainment's COUNTESS DRACULA and MUMMY'S KISS series.

As with most all of Mr. Gluts films, expect some sub-par acting, and lot of naked women. Expect some cheesy special effects and some silly plot lines. But, you can also expect to be entertained, as I have been with all of the Frontline Entertainment films I have seen. And isn't that what a movie is supposed to do? So on that merit alone, this film is a success. Although, I must say the mixing of the Mummy story and the Vampire story is a little far fetched and actually quite confusing at times!

Something else to expect from these films, is a sense of humor throughout the film. The film doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you. Instead, just have fun with it and enjoy the ride! One of the funniest scenes in this film is when Count Dracula's servant, Renfield, watches his master burn up, after not making it into the castle before the sun came up. All that's left of the Count is a small pile of ashes, which Renfield quickly cleans up with a small broom and dustpan!
Overall this is a fun film. If you enjoyed other Frontline Entertainment releases, you will love this one too.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Frontline Entertainment

Monday, June 28, 2010

This weeks Horror related DVD releases: Tuesday, June 29th

Here are this week's Horror related DVD releases, 6/29/2010:
(Click the title to see the trailer for that film)

* THE CRAZIES [DVD & Blu-ray]
* THE ECLIPSE [DVD & Blu-ray]
* UNCLE SAM [Blu-ray]

There are a lot of dvd's coming out this week. A must buy this week is THE CRAZIES. This is a remake of the 1973 George Romero film of the same name. It was one of the better remakes I have seen in a long time. Definitely check it out. Also, check out the demented trailer for TRUTH OR DARE....crazy stuff!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't forget to enter my latest giveaway!!

If you haven't already, be sure to enter for your chance to win the great Horror/Comedy film CRUSTACEAN on DVD! The winner will also get a copy of the CD Soundtrack featuring the great music from the film! Contest ends soon! Also, I decided to add something new to this contest. If you share the original giveaway post on your FaceBook/MySpace/Twitter account, then you will be allowed to add an additional comment to double your chances! Just type in your extra comment that you have Shared this post and where. Limit of 2 comments per person. Share about this contest and win some cool prizes!! Contest ends soon!!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watch the trailer and then help support the great film: THE SKY HAS FALLEN

THE SKY HAS FALLEN is an independent feature film written, directed, and edited by Doug Roos. Here is the basic plot synopsis from the films Kickstarter.com page:

In a post-apocalyptic world, a new disease wipes out almost all of mankind within a couple hours. Trying to avoid infection, people flee to remote locations, but they start seeing mysterious black figures, carrying away the dead and experimenting on them. Now, Lance and Rachel, two survivors determined to fight back, must kill the leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears.

This film has already been circulating around the festival circuit, and has already won some awards! The filmmakers are now looking to get funding to add some additional scenes to the film and to help pay for the cost of printing the dvd's of the finished version. They are also looking for funding to pay for full page ads in Fangoria and Rue Morgue magazines, advertise online via Facebook and Google Ads, taking the movie around to independent theaters across the country, and to promote the film at Horror conventions and more film festivals.

To get this extra funding, the filmmakers are using the great site, Kickstarter.com. For those unfamiliar with that site, it is a place people can post their projects to, and then people can look over all the projects and pledge money to whichever project they like the best. Each project has a monetary goal set for it, and a day limit in which the goal must be met. If the total of the goal is not met by the deadline, no money is collected from the pledges. If the project does get 100% of it's goal by the deadline, then the money is collected from all those that pledged.

There are many levels of pledges you can do for this project. You can pledge as little as $1 all the way up to the full goal level! With each pledge level you will get something cool in return. For instance, for just a $1 or more, you will get access to behind the scenes news and photos and your name on a special "Thank You" section of the films official website. If you pledge $6,000 or more and the goal is met, then you will get everything in the lower pledge levels, plus a cameo in the film as a dead body with airfare and lodging paid! Other gifts from other levels include signed scripts and posters, t-shirts, and even wardrobe pieces!

Go watch the trailer and then visit the Kickstarter page and help support this great film!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to visit the Kickstarter page and make a pledge!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER TRILOGY is group of films that fall less into the Horror genre, but more into the exploitation/cult genres. All 3 films were written and directed by controversial filmmaker Shane Ryan of Alter Ego Cinema. The DVD's are distributed by Cinema Epoch.
Here is the basic plot for AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER, and the 2 sequels share basically the same plot. A killer by the name of Brandon convinces girls to come back to his hotel room and let him film their sexual escapades. What he ends up filming is a genuine "snuff" film, as he eventually kills the women he brings home. These films are hard to get used to. They are shot on a cheap camera with no cinematography whatsoever. But, this is done purposely since we are supposedly watching the found videotape that Brandon made, now being used as FBI evidence. One thing you need to be warned about is that these films are very graphic. Ryan doesn't pull any punches when it comes to showing the vile and violent acts that Brandon puts his victims through. The acting in these films is amazingly good, giving it the feel that you are watching a real film that someone made, and not a scripted movie. For that, I give Mr. Ryan a lot of credit.

AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 2 is more of the same, as Brandon continues his exploits with new women. My complaint about this film is that it is edited so crazily, jumping from one scene to another and back again, that it is really hard to follow any kind of real story here. This is basically a continuation of the first film, which for me, was really not needed.

AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 3 is the real star of this series. Part 3 is a vast improvement over the other 2 films and has more of a Horror feel to it. In this installment, Brandon hits the road and picks up an unsuspecting woman waiting at the bus stop. He takes her out to the middle of nowhere and begins his torturous games, both physical and emotional. This film was interesting because it really let you get inside the mind of Brandon, a full fledged serial killer at this point. It is interesting to watch him interact with the women he comes across in such a charming and innocent manner, and watch as the women go with Brandon without any thought of what might be in store for them. It was as if we you were watching a young Ted Bundy in action.

It is hard to recommend these films, as they are hard to watch, disturbing, and obviously entail a subject matter that is hard to sit and enjoy, which is violence against women. Some Rape-Revenge flicks are enjoyable, such as I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and LAST HOUSE OF THE LEFT. What makes these films enjoyable is that they are true Rape/Revenge flicks. They incorporate the Revenge aspect and we get to see the woman who was put through hell take revenge on her rapists and come out on top in the end. The AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER films are not Rape/Revenge films, in that they leave out the Revenge aspect. That is what sets these films apart. Director Ryan has created a series of films that are disturbing and shocking, which is what he set out to do, so in that way, he succeeded.


CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Cinema Epoch

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop what you are doing, and go watch this trailer right now! THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED

Zombie Westerns have been tried before, with mixed results, but this one looks like a winner for sure! THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED is the name of the film, and here is the plot synopsis from imdb.com:

California gold rush, late 1800's: A gun slinging bounty hunter (Mortimer) travels deep into the mountains to find a deadly Apache warrior (Brother Wolf) who is wanted by the law. Along the way he passes through a gold mining Town. The miners help direct Mortimer to the Apache and send him on his way. Mortimer enters the forest and begins to track the Apache. Back in town, the miners un-earth an ancient meteor. They use their pick axes to crack it open. A section of the meteor splits apart and spores explode out of it. The spore surround and infect the entire population of the mining camp. They are transformed into ravenous mutants. After a vicious battle against the Apache warrior, Mortimer exits the forest with his prisoner in shackles. They hike back to the mining town to find them selves surrounded by a horde of blood thirsty mutants. Now Mortimer the gun slinger and Brother Wolf the Warrior must join together to survive the mutant hordes. What ensues is a bloodbath of horror for the Dead and the Damned.

The zombie effects look amazing....I hope it will live up to the way this trailer makes it look. I haven't found any info about a release date, but if I find it, I will let you all know. If you hear anything, let me know! You can visit the official site of the film (http://www.thedeadandthedamnedmovie.com/), but all it says on there is "coming soon" so you don't get any more info from that site.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bruce Campbell Soup....Mmmmm Mmmmm Groovy!

My friend Phillip brought to my attention these cool Bruce Campbell soup can labels! In honor of Bruce Campbell's birthday today, SciFiWire.com came up with these great labels that you can print out and put on a can to make your own Bruce Campbell soups!! Pretty Groovy if you ask me! Who wouldn't want a can of nice, warm, Cream Of Darkness soup on a cold night. Or how about a can of Gumbo Ho-Tep, Auotlycus Cheese, or my personal favorite, Bisque 'o County Jr. Soup! HA!

I thought of Evil Dead Beans and Rice!! Can you think of any other Bruce Campbell related soup names?

CLICK HERE to visit SciFiWire and to read instructions on printing out your own set of labels!

Monday, June 21, 2010

This weeks Horror related DVD releases: Tuesday, June 22nd

Here are this week's Horror related DVD released coming out Tuesday, 6/22/2010:
(Click on the title to see a trailer for that film)

* DEATH RACE 2000 (1975) [DVD & Blu-Ray]

Wow...what a horrible week for Horror movie fans! All I could find were 4 releases this week, 2 of which are re-releases that are already previously available on DVD (Nosferatu and Death Race 2000). If you don't already own DEATH RACE 2000, I highly suggest you pick that one up. It is a great film from 1975 and features early appearances from David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Check out the trailer for the French Horror film, HIGH LANE (aka. VERTIGE)

Check out this trailer for the French film HIGH LANE. Formally known as VERTIGE, this film was part of FAB Fest 2010, the film fest hosted by FAB Press. Here is the basic plot from the FAB Press website:

Having drawn comparisons to a host of action and horror favourites including The Descent, Deliverance, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Wrong Turn, FAB Fest is delighted to be screening the UK premiere of this new French survivalist horror film. A group of adventurous friends heads into the wilderness seeking thrills in the hills, but they soon encounter much more than they bargained for as the dangers of scaling cliffs and crossing dizzyingly high rope bridges are soon overshadowed by the much more lethal attentions of a homicidal killer.

Watch the trailer and then left me know what you think. I think this looks really good and I hope they get a U.S. distributor.

to watch the trailer.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I had heard of the movie THE DRILLER KILLER for a while, but never had seen it. I finally got to watch it last night, and I am glad to say it was worth the wait and didn't disappoint. THE DRILLER KILLER was directed by and stars Abel Ferrara and is released in this awesome 2-disc Limited Edition by Cult Epics. Here is the basic plot summery from the Cult Epics website:

Long available in incomplete or full screen editions, Abel Ferrara's 1979 cult classic THE DRILLER KILLER here receives its definitive presentation, accompanied by three of the director's never-previously-released short films from the 1970s. THE DRILLER KILLER stars Ferrara himself (under the pseudonym 'Jimmy Laine') as Reno Miller, an artist being driven mad by the pressures of New York life who takes to the streets and begins murdering derelicts with a power drill. Although Ferrara intended to make a film in the tradition of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, the end result bore an even greater resemblance to Martin Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER. THE DRILLER KILLER is an indispensable addition to the collection of anyone interested in 1970s horror, the work of Abel Ferrara, or off-the-wall cinema.

The movie starts out a little slow, but it is important that it shows this regular guy and his struggles in keeping up with an apartment in New York on a starving artist's income. He is working on his "masterpiece" that he knows will bring huge money from his art dealer, but while he is still working on it, the bills are piling up. It is interesting to watch as Reno's life just gets worse and worse little by little. You can see the stress of life building up in Reno. His girlfriend leaves him and then his art dealer basically calls his latest work of art rubbish. Also, he is way behind on his sleep because a local punk rock band has just moved into his apartment building and they practice at all hours of the night. Reno can't handle all the negatives in his life, and he finally snaps. Reno sees a commercial for a Port-o-pack which lets you use your power tools on the go with a portable battery device. He immediately gets a twisted idea in his head and heads to the local hardware store.

The acting in this film is very good. Reno is very believable and the grungy, gritty look of the film adds to the realism. This is a great example of something you would have seen on 42nd street back in the day of seedy theaters and exploitation films.

The gore effects in this film are very realistic and done extremely well. A drill to the forehead in one scene is especially amazing for a film shot in the late 70's. I am still not exactly sure how they did this, and it called for a rewind in order to figure it out. I kept looking for the cut shot to where they switched to the dummy head, but I never saw it. I don't know how they made it look that realistic, but they did. Very impressive.

This 2-disc edition is packed with special features, including a disc full of early short films from the star and director.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Cult Epics

Friday, June 18, 2010

Check out the trailer for America Olivo's new film, NEIGHBOR

America's favorite new Horror actress (we'll mine anyway) is America Olivo. You might remember her as Amanda from last year's FRIDAY THE 13th remake, or from her role as Camero in last year's exploitation action fest, BITCH SLAP. Well, America is back in a new film called NEIGHBOR. Here is the basic plot from imdb.com:

A mysterious new girl arrives in posh suburban neighborhood and quickly sets out to terrorize the town. As she starts breaking into homes and torturing the occupants, they begin to realize that she isn't just another girl next door.

At first look of the trailer, I thought it was going to be just a HOSTEL type torture film, but the further in I got it looks like it will be more psychological and really terrifying, as America looks so pretty and innocent, but is doing such bad things! Watch the trailer and then let me know what you think! NEIGHBOR is set to be released to DVD in an unrated director's cut on July 27th.

CLICK HERE to view the RED BAND trailer for NEIGHBOR
CLICK HERE to visit the official NEIGHBOR website

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check out the trailer for 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS

2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS is the follow up to 2005's 2001 MANIACS, which was written and directed by Tim Sullivan and starred genre legend, Robert Englund. Mr. Sullivan is back in the writer and director's chair for the sequel, so we know this sequel is in great hands and should live up to the "original". I put that in quotes because the "original" 2001 MANIACS, was actually a remake of the 1964 Herschell Gordon Lewis film, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS. Genre legend Bill Moseley takes over for Englund this time around, and I can't wait to see his performance in this film.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer courtesy of TrailerSpy.com

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been reading a lot of Horror movie books lately, and the latest one I completed is the great book, COMEDY-HORROR FILMS: A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY 1914-2008 by Bruce G. Hallenbeck from McFarland Publishers (www.mcfarlandpub.com/). This book is a great reference to have and covers every well known and not so well known film in the Horror/Comedy genre, up through 2008.

The book is broken up into chapters by decades, starting with the Silent films of the Teens and Twenties, up through the new millennium of Horror/Comedy films. Hallenbeck writes is a very easy to read style. Each film discussed has tons of entertaining facts about it. The basic plot for each film is discussed, of course, but then "highlights" of each film are pointed out and quotes and sample dialog from the films is given. Hallenbeck also discusses actors and actresses from each film, and gives you some background on them. You will also get some behind the scenes details from some films and some fun facts and trivia bits about the films. Each films gets about 2-3 pages of discussion therefore is a great book to pick up and read off and on when you just have a little time to kill. Some movies get a little more coverage but most stick to the 2-3 page format. Throughout the book, you will also find numerous photos, from production stills to pictures of classic movie posters.

This is a great book, and it was fun to read about some of my all time favorite films, like RE-ANIMATOR, CEMETERY MAN, and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. While one might not think about these as films that belong in the Horror/Comedy genre, Hallenbeck points out numerous instances of comedy (albeit, dark comedy) splattered throughout each film. You will, of course, also read about the more commonly thought of Horror/Comedy titles such as the classic Abbott and Costello films to the more modern Horror/Comedy films such as SHAUN OF THE DEAD, BUBBA HO-TEP, and the SCARY MOVIE films.

I highly recommend this book for any fan of Horror films, specifically of this variety.

You can call McFarland's toll free order line at 1-800-253-2187 to purchase this book or order directly from McFarland's website by CLICKING HERE.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's time for a new Giveaway!!! You could win this awesome CRUSTACEAN prize pack!!

It's time for another great prize giveaway from HAYES HUDSON'S HOUSE OF HORROR!! Up for grabs this time, is a DVD/CD combo of the outrageous Horror/comedy CRUSTACEAN, written and directed by L.J. Dopp. The winner of this great giveaway will get a DVD and the CD soundtrack full of the great songs from the film!!

CLICK HERE to view the past review I posted of CRUSTACEAN
CLICK HERE to watch the trailer


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Monday, June 14, 2010

This weeks Horror related DVD releases: Tuesday, June 15th

Here are the Horror related DVD's coming out Tuesday, 6/16/2010:
(Click on a title to see a trailer for that film)
* SUPERNATURAL Season 1 (TV Series)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


COUNTESS DRACULA'S ORGY OF BLOOD was written and directed by Donald F. Glut of Frontline Entertainment. Here is the basic plot synopsis from the allmovie website:

When lusty female vampires descend upon a 19th century village and begin sinking their teeth into the citizens, fearless Father Jacinto (Paul Naschy) attempts to put an end to the terror by driving a stake through the heart of head bloodsucker Lord Ruthven. When Dracula himself appears in modern-day Los Angeles to stake his claim on this city, the dark prince is enraged to discover that Father Jacinto's actions have prevented him from sucking the blood directly from his victims. Only through the resurrection of Lord Ruthven and his deadly assistant Diana will Dracula be able to drink the blood he needs to survive, and it isn't long before a mysterious figure from the past attempts to thwart his nefarious plans.

First off, it is important to note that this film marks Spanish Horror icon Paul Naschy's American film debut! I have always been a big fan of Mr. Naschy, so seeing him in this film was a pleasant treat, and he brings a sense of Horror credibility to this otherwise low budget soft core Vampire flick. Now, that is not a knock on this film at all, it just is what it is. And as most people know, films written and directed by Mr. Glut are full of beautiful females in various stages of undress. Usually the final stage, which is wearing nothing at all...but I digress.

If you are offended by female nudity, stay away from the film. If you don't mind it (i.e. every man in America) then check the this film out. I have watched some pretty good Vampire movies lately, and I can add this one to the list.

The film has a nice Gothic Vampire vibe to it. The acting (as in most of Mr. Glut's films) is surprisingly good. Not what you would expect from this type of film. Paul Naschy had a great performance, but I was really impressed with Arthur Roberts, who plays Lord Ruthven. He played a very believable and creepy Vampire. One fun thing about this film is when Lord Ruthven is awakened from his hundreds of years of slumber. He is amazed at such modern day things such as a light switch which provides some comedy in the film. Also, watching the Vampire Diana walk along a modern day inner city street, in her century years old clothing, and coming in contact with some modern day prostitutes was amusing as well.

I need to also mention the special effects and gore effects. John Carl Buechler and his effects team did a wonderful job with the Vampire death sequences, as they slowly withered away to leave nothing behind but skeletal remains.

The DVD itself is loaded with tons of great special features, including: Behind the Scenes Footage, an Alternate Ending, Actress Auditions and Interviews, Original trailers, Bloopers and Outtakes, and much more! I highly recommend you check out the Bloopers, as it is fun to watch a Vampire who's fang just won't stay in and is was a rare treat to see the great Paul Naschy as he fumbles with a prop weapon that just won't cooperate!

Overall this film is a lot of fun, which is what a movie should be. I recommend it for any fans of the Vampire genre.

CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Frontline Entertainment

Saturday, June 12, 2010

DVD Review: LEGEND HAS IT (2009)

LEGEND HAS IT is from the great folks at Prescribed Films and they seem to know just what it takes to make a fun Horror movie, even if it is on what looks to be little or no budget. The film was written and directed by Insane Mike Saunders with Jason Bolinger as co-director. Here is the basic plot of the film from imdb.com:

Ever wonder what it is like to be trapped in a horror movie? If you were to ask Al Cunningham, he'd tell you it's not all fame and fortune. Instead it's blood and death at the hands of a man-eating plant monster. Will they survive? Will they make it to the end of the movie? Will they figure out where the music is coming from? See the movie that breaks down the 4th wall like never before.

This film might be a little hard to explain, but I will do my best. As Al and his friends get ready to go on a camping trip, Al realizes that something isn't right. He hears creepy music and doesn't remember anything from the day before. He realizes that he is merely a character in a Horror movie, and spends the rest of the film trying to figure out how to get out of the film. This movies was obviously made by Horror movie fans, as they throw every cliche and Horror movie staple at the audience. The movie is full of good, creepy music and some great special effects and gore. The "plant monster" mentioned in the plot above isn't that great, but that is really a small part of this film. The majority of this film is the fun that comes from Al and his interaction with the viewing audience. The plot says it's "the movie that breaks down the 4th wall like never before" and they mean it! Al speaks directly at the camera in many instances, looking to the audience for help escaping the movie! Rich McNinch played the part of Al and gave a very likable performance. I need to also mention the addition of legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley in the role of Al's mom. She is a great actress and always brings something positive to any film she is in.

And before I forget, I have to mention the great "Thriller" inspired dance number at the end. Very funny.

Overall this movie is a great film. It is a silly, Horror/comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously and was made by Horror fans for Horror fans. Movies are meant to be fun and entertaining and LEGEND HAS IT nailed it.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Prescribed Films and to purchase the DVD

Thursday, June 10, 2010


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
--William Shakespeare

Well Bill, I will tell you whats in a name. What's in the name of this film is the word Zombie. But that which we call a zombie in this film is not a zombie at all, therefore smells about as sweet as a dirty diaper on a hot summer day.

Before I go any further, here is the basic plot from the Pathfinder Pictures' website:

A sleepy fishing village is terrorized by a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles. When a bodacious female biker and her muscular henchman, both bent on ridding the world's human population of pesky body hair move into town it's up to the town's lingerie shop owner, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's best friend to battle hairlessness for the sake of Planet Earth.

Ok...that being said, lets start with the positive things about this film. Unfortunately, this will be the shortest part of the review. Ok...first off, the movie was filmed in a coastal town in California, so you get to see some beautiful scenery. Next, the picture quality is outstanding for a low budget film such as this. The DVD cover looks kinda grainy, so I expected the movie to be the same way, but it was shot very well and looks very good. Lastly, the film has one of the best titles I have ever heard.

Now on to the negatives.....lets start with that awesome title. HOT WAX ZOMBIES ON WHEELS. Man, I love the sound of that! Any movie with the word zombie in the title is a friend of mine! But...there is one major issue here....there are NO zombies in this movie! Wait, what's that you say Zombie Hayes? There are no zombies in a film that contains zombie in the title! You heard me right...not a single zombie in the whole film. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Well, no "living dead" zombies anyway. Apparently what they consider a zombie in this film is someone who just acts brainwashed and has ridded themselves of "pesky body hair". In the plot it mentions "a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles." That should have been one of the coolest images in cinema..unfortunately, they just weren't there.
Next, the acting is bad. Some performances are worse than others, but overall they are pretty lacking in the acting department. Next is the use of silly sound effects throughout the film to try to get a laugh. This attempt falls flat and adds nothing to the humor.
Now I know I shouldn't take this film to seriously. I mean, it is obviously a comedy film, and a very silly one at that. But even a silly B-movie can be fun, but this film just was not. After watching this film, you will not need a waxing salon, because you will probably be pulling your hair out with frustration!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer (only if you are not prone to epileptic seizures)
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD
CLICK HERE to visit the official MySpace page of Hot Wax Zombies
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Pathfinder Pictures

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Star Costumes presents......The 10 Greatest (and Campiest) B-Movies Ever

The folks over at www.starcostumes.com have compiled a list of what they think are the 10 best (and campiest) B-movies of all time! This is a great list that compiles some of your favorite, classic, Horror films and probably some you have never heard of! Anyone else never heard of the flick FREEZ'ER ? I sure hadn't, but it came in at #3 on this list, and I will definitely be on the lookout for it! Check out the list to see what other great films made the cut!!

CLICK HERE to see Star Costume's list of the 10 Greatest (and Campiest) B-Movies Ever!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DVD Review: THE STITCHER (2007)

If you like a good slasher flick, then THE STITCHER is a film for you. Although, this is not your traditional slasher-flick. This film is a well done, tightly-knit thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. I know that description is used a lot (‘guessing until the end’), but in this case it turns out to be true. I had no idea who the killer was until it was revealed at the end.

The plot of the film is this, courtesy of imdb.com:

Something strange is happening in this eerie backwoods town. Inspired by true events, a group of friends must survive the weekend in order to escape the terror that is beyond their imagination. Desperate and fearing for their lives, the horror surges when a legendary killer wants something they all possess. They soon find out the town is not what it seems, and with no hope of rescue, they must find their way out before they fall victim to the Stitcher's obsession. This blood curdling story will make you never want to wear certain pieces of clothing again.

Multi-talented Darla Enlow is the writer, director, cinematographer, and editor of the film. Heck, she even stars in it, acting as the first victim. And if you look at the ending credits, you’ll see a lot of names repeated in other roles as well. These folks definitely put their blood, sweat, and tears into making this movie!

My only complaint about the film is that the acting is a little weak in certain scenes. Some of the actors and actresses seem to lack the emotional range needed for the situation. And some are even too over the top to be believable. But, everything still works and overall the movie is a great success.

I have to specifically compliment the way the film is shot. Although this is a low-budget production, the film never gives you the impression that it is. It looks like a Hollywood big-budget cinematographer did it, no joke. If you watch this movie for nothing else, watch it for the photography.

Also of specific note is the excellent soundtrack the film crew put together. From what I understand, the music was done by local bands from the Tulsa, OK area. There are several bands on the list, including Radioradio, New Science, Darkset Theory, Hex the Fallen, Calling Matthew, and Tripped on Reset. Also, don't miss the hilarious blooper reel in the special features....it's worth watching on it's own!

The great locations, tight production, and great storyline help to keep this movie rocking all the way to the end. Definitely check it out.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of THE STITCHER on DVD

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Next Monkey Horror Films

Monday, June 7, 2010

This weeks Horror related DVD releases: Tuesday, June 8th

Here are this weeks Horror related DVD releases coming out 6/8/2010:
(click on the title to see a trailer for that film)


Wow, not much coming out this week. Looks like I will be saving my $$ this week. Do any of these look interesting to you?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do you want to help produce a zombie film? Check out ROSE-3D!

Check out this awesome premise for a zombie film....It is called ROSE-3D and here is the plot synopsis from the official website:

It's Pee-Wees Playhouse meets Night of the Living Dead in this whimsical, savage 3D horror-comedy featuring zombies, puppets, and musical mayhem. 48 hours into the undead apocalypse, one woman has managed to stay on the air. She's a hot ex-mental patient with a message of hope, a baseball bat, and her puppet friends. Welcome to "Rose's Place": where the songs, skits, and rescue stations run all night long or at least until the zombies get in.

The film is written and directed by popular Horror author John Skipp. According to the official website, the film is 1/3 of the way financed. This is where you come in! You can donate to the film in 4 different subscription levels, Silver ($1000) , Gold ($2500) , Platinum ($5000), and Diamond ($10,000). Each subscription offers the chance at a monetary return and the Diamond subscription even offers a percent of the profits over a period of time. So, for those of you with some extra money laying around, invest it in the coolest way I can think of, by helping finance a zombie film! All subscribers of every level will get their name in credits of the film! Hey Graduates.....add up all that graduation gift money and help finance this film!
CLICK HERE to visit the official website

Saturday, June 5, 2010

DVD Review: THE BLOODY APE (1997)

Sometimes I wish I would have been born about 20 years sooner than I was. I missed out on the whole drive in/grindhouse movie experience. Luckily, we have films like THE BLOODY APE to remind us what those times were like and let us younger folks take part in the grindhouse experience, all in the comfort of our own home! No sticky floors and shady characters to deal with...well, in most homes anyway.
Here is the basics plot synopsis from Wild Eye Releasing:

THE BLOODY APE is the most outrageous, drive-in movie take on Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue" ever committed to film. A carnival barker foolishly releases his 400 pound gorilla, who then literally goes bananas on a rampage of raw rape and boffo butchery - leaving the low rent population of Long Island either sexually violated, slaughtered - or both! From maverick indy filmmaker Keith J. Crocker (Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69), THE BLOODY APE is a gore-soaked love letter to the sex and violence of the grind house movie era that pulls no punches and offers no apologies for wallowing in a skin-drenched stew of crudeness and camp! Banned from numerous festivals around the world, ignored by critics and loathed by the politically correct....but now there just is no stopping THE BLOODY APE!

As stated above, THE BLOODY APE is a tribute to the grindhouse flicks from the 60's and 70's and looks like it definitely belongs in that era. The film was shot entirely on Super 8 and looks very cheap and grainy, all intentional of course. The acting in the film is ok. There are some moments of major over-acting in some spots by some actors, but I think this was also intentional, as the old grindhouse and drive-in films were known to have less than stellar acting.

The movie doesn't take itself seriously at all, so you shouldn't either. Don't watch this film if you are looking for a truly good cinematic experience. That is not what this movie is or wants to be. But if you are wanting a movie you can watch with a group of friends and have a good time and a good laugh, the THE BLOODY APE is your film.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer (WARNING: Not safe for work! Trailer contains nudity and bloody Ape mayhem!)
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Wild Eye Releasing

Friday, June 4, 2010


Ahh...now this is refreshing!! After being bombarded in the media lately with stories of teenage vampires that sparkle in the sunlight and their high school love triangles, it is so nice to get back to a real vampire story. SEDUCTION OF EVIL is a GreatStar production and is being distributed by A.normale Productions (the great folks that brought us the KILLER CUP films). SEDUCTION OF EVIL is a dark, Gothic, horror film...just like a good vampire story should be!
Here is the basic plot synopsis from the A.normale Productions website:

A man in his fifties comes face to face with his long lost girlfriend, whom he believed was killed some 25 years ago, only to find out that she was seduced by the powers of evil... the prince of darkness himself, Count Dracula!

This film is a tribute to the classic Hammer Horror films. Dracula was played remarkably well by genre veteran Christopher Lee in those films, and actor Daniel Brown does a good job here doing his best Lee inspired Dracula. Like the Hammer films, this film contains some beautiful women and a very Gothic vibe. The acting is good all around, and the music is wonderful. The instrumental music is very eerie and sets the tone for the film. There is also a song by Alice Cooper in the film, so that was a nice bonus! SEDUCTION OF EVIL was written and Directed by Andre Dubois and is definitely recommended if you are looking to return to the classic vampire film.


CLICK HERE to visit the official website of A.normale Productions

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Don't worry, you read that title right. While the title might be a little less than remarkable, the actual movie is truly amazing experience. NEGATIVE HAPPY CHAINSAW EDGE is a Japanese film that is distributed here in the U.S. by Well Go USA, Inc. Here is the plot synopsis from the Well Go USA, Inc. website:

Yosuke, a typical slacker kid dozing his way through school, showing nothing in the way of ambition as he quietly mulls over the death of a close friend the year before. He is clever enough and full of smart comments but just doesn't seem to see the point of much in life. That changes when he meets Eri by chance, late one night. She is a beautiful young girl, herself nursing a tragic loss, and for Yosuke it is love at first sight. So what to do when a giant falls from the sky, determined to do battle with Eri (the young girl armed with a brace of hidden knives, as this is obviously a regular occurrence)? Yosuke finds his purpose-he must help the girl he loves, never mind the fact that she is far stronger and better equipped for this battle than he.
The film is an amazing mixture of genres. It is part martial arts film, part romance, part comedy, and part Horror, of course. Every aspect of the film is impressive, good acting, excellent music and a good story. I would have liked some explanation of why the huge, chainsaw toting monster is after Eri, and where he comes from, but it is not necessary to enjoy the film.
The main thing I loved about this film is how visually stunning it is. You probably have not seen a Horror film that could be considered a thing of beauty, but that it exactly what you will find with this film. The cinematography and visual effects are nothing less than stellar. From the close ups and details of a snowflake, to the monster falling from the sky with the moon as the backdrop, every scene is a true piece of art. My only complaint comes in the middle of the film. The film got a little slow to me, as it shifted its focus to more of the romance story between Yosuke and Eri. My wife watched the film with me, and she enjoyed this part of the movie, so that just shows you that there is something in this film for everyone! But don't worry, our Chainsaw wielding monster was right back in action for the final battle.
Words can't do this movie justice, neither can the grainy trailer (but watch it anyway by clicking below). Watching this film on a HD T.V. would be a remarkable experience. This is one you will definitely want to add to your home dvd library.
CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Well Go USA, Inc.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If you live anywhere near San Antonio, then I would highly recommend you attend this years SAN ANTONIO HORRIFIC FILM FEST! I just learned about this film fest, and it looks like a lot of fun! The film fest runs from August 25th thru the 29th and is being held at the La Quinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Convention Center. Not only will there be awesome films being screened, but there will also be special celebrity guests! All the info you need can be found at the official website of the film fest: www.horrificfilmfest.com

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This weeks Horror related DVD releases: Tuesday, June 1st

Here are the Horror related DVD's that came out today, 6/1/2010:
(click on a title to see a trailer for that film)

If you didn't check out THE WOLFMAN remake in theaters, make sure to check it out on DVD. I thought the remake was great, with a lot more scares and gore than I expected. I also thought Benicio Del Toro did a great job, and I am not usually a fan of his acting.
Also...check out the trailer for KILLER SWARM. It might be the worst trailer I have ever seen. The entire trailer is just made up of still photos....there is not one piece of video footage in the entire trailer....weird!!