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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Texas Frightmare Weekend has arrived! I will be heading out to Dallas tomorrow morning, so there will not be any new posts for a couple of days, but I will give a full review and post some pics when I get back!

My Business Cards are Here!

My order of business cards just arrived! They are very simple with just my blog website, my name, and email address. Why did you get business cards you ask? Well, two reasons. First, I plan on handing these out at the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention this weekend to drum up more traffic to my site. But second, and most importantly, I was tired of missing out on all those free lunches restaurants give away! Now I will have something to put in the bowl and I will have a chance to eat lunch for free now! It's my own little economic stimulus plan!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book review: "Day by Day Armageddon" by J.L. Bourne

With a full time job, kids, and a love for horror movies, I don't get the chance (or make the chance, maybe) to read as many books as I should. When I do start a book, if I am not immediately hooked into the plot and characters, I usually get a few chapters in then just kinda forget about it and back on the shelf it goes. This was not the case with "Day by Day Armageddon" by J.L. Bourne. This is one of the few books that I have read in practically one sitting...cover to cover. When I do make time to read a book, usually it is of the horror genre, and my favorite are books about zombies. Not sure where my love for zombies comes from, but they are the basis of all my favorite movies and books. This book is by far the best zombie novel I have ever read. In fact, if you didn't know that zombies didn't really exist, you would swear this was a non-fiction book in the way it was written.

The description on the back states:

"This is an ongoing journal depicting one man's struggle for survival. Trapped in the midst of global tragedy, he must make decisions....choices that ultimately mean life or the eternal curse to walk as one of them!"

The book is written in perfect journal form...even containing some hand drawn maps and diagrams. The version I have is 258 pages, but is a very quick read due to the double spacing, short chapters, and larger font than most novels. It is a very easy read that will suck you in and not let go until the final page. You will feel like you are right beside our hero as he struggles to fend off the zombie hordes!

If you like horror/suspense novels, then do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of this book! It is available at most book stores (although I had to special order from my local bookstore) or you can get it online at these sites:

Directly from the publisher, Permuted Press at:

or at Amazon.com:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movies you may have missed: TEETH

With the release of ONE EYED MONSTER today on DVD, it got me thinking about another little cautionary tale of murderous genitalia. Yes...there is more than one movie about this!!

While ONE EYED MONSTER focuses on the killer male genitalia, a movie called TEETH came out in 2007 and focuses on killer female genitalia. I seriously couldn't make this stuff up.

TEETH is about a girl named Dawn who suffers from the extremely rare disorder called "vagina dentata" which is just what it sounds like. While I wouldn't call this a great film, it is still worth checking out. I enjoy any horror movie that has a subject and plot that I have never seen before, and I guarantee you have never seen a movie like this.

While the plot is simple, the acting is great, the effects are good, and there is a nice mix of horror and dark comedy. For those that have never seen this, give it a try if you want a fun, weird, horrifying tale of female empowerment!!

Here is a trailer of the movie TEETH courtesy of imdb.com:

Movie Trailer: MUTANTS

I just came across this trailer for a new French "zombie" movie called MUTANTS.
This isn't your old school zombie movie...its more of infected people acting like zombies, like in 28 DAYS LATER. I think this looks really good, and will be worth checking out.

Here is the trailer, courtesy of Shocktillyoudrop.com:


Monday, April 27, 2009

This weeks Horror DVD releases: April 28

Here are the new horror related DVDs coming out tomorrow, 4/28:

THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS (special edition): Dark Sky
COLD EYES OF FEAR (new special edition): Redemption USA
EXIT 38 (special edition): S'more
MARTYRS (special edition): Weinstein Co./Genius
ONE-EYED MONSTER (special edition): Liberation
THE POSSESSED: Spooked Television
PSYCHOS IN LOVE (special edition): Shriek Show/Media Blasters
THE SHE-BEAST (special edition): Dark Sky
SYNESTHESIA (2-disc special edition rerelease): Funimation
THE UNINVITED (2009; special edition, Blu-ray): DreamWorks/Paramount
WHILE SHE WAS OUT (special edition): Anchor Bay

If I had to recommend just one DVD to buy this week, I would definitely go with "MARTYRS".
Martyrs is a French Film that I have heard many good things about. In fact, Rue Morgue Magazine # 87 's cover article was dedicated to this film. Martyrs is about a couple of abused girls that set out to find their attackers and seek revenge. It is supposedly very violent and disturbing.

Sounds fun, huh!

Here is a trailer for MARTYRS courtesy of AZ Movies.net:


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2 (H2) Trailer

For those of you that didn't like Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, then you might want to skip this post. Rob Zombie is back with his "final chapter" in his telling of the Michael Myers story. Rob Zombie's Halloween was actually a remake that I really liked. While some say that the original Halloween is perfect and didn't need to be messed with (and I can totally see where they are coming from, it is a classic), I liked this remake because it brought something new to the table. Zombie's Halloween showed much more back story of Michael as a child, which I enjoyed. I am looking forward to H2 and here the first trailer that was released earlier this week.

I think it looks pretty good and I will be in the theater to see this one for sure! It opens Aug. 28th nationwide.

Let me know what you think!

Here is the trailer courtesy of Firstshowing.net:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

'Suspiria" Remake announced!

Seems like the only horror movies coming out lately are remakes, and here is another. While some I understand, I just don't get this one. It was announced that they are remaking Dario Argento's "Suspiria". For those of you who aren't familiar with Dario Argento, this is considered to be one of his masterpieces. "Suspiria" is the first in Argento's "3 Mothers Trilogy". Suspiria was released in 1977, followed by "Inferno" in 1980 and then completed with "Mother of Tears" in 2007.

If you have not seen these films, I recommend that you go watch them asap! They are wonderful films and really showcase the talent of Argento as a filmmaker. I have been on an "Argento kick" lately...trying to watch as many of his films as possible. I am a huge fan of his movies and I'm sure you will see more posts about Dario Argento and his films in the future!

The "Suspiria" remake is scheduled for a 2010 release and at the time is rumored to star Natalie Portman in the lead role.

Hey, this just gave me an idea for a future post....the top most un-necessary horror remakes!

I will think on that a while...check back soon!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Texas Frightmare Weekend is one week away!!

Needless to say, I am extremely excited. This will be my 3rd Horror Convention to attend, and it will by far be the largest of the 3 that I have attended.

This years Texas Frightmare Weekend is happening next weekend, May 1-3, 2009 in Dallas, TX.
There will be many celebrities in attendance to meet and get pictures and autographs.

Some of the more notable celebs that will be on hand include:

Alice Cooper --Shock Rocker
Linda Blair -- from "The Exorcist"
Tobe Hooper -- Director of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
Marilyn Burns -- from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
Tyler Mane -- Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake
Derek Mears -- Jason from the "Friday the 13th" remake
Karen Black -- from "House of 1000 Corpses"
William Forsythe -- from "The Devil's Rejects"
and many more!!!

Here is the website, check it out and its not too late to get your tickets!!

Speaking of horror conventions, here are a few pics from past conventions I have been to:

Kane Hodder

Joe Bob Briggs

Michael Berryman

Edwin Neal

Linnea Quigley

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok...if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing this trailer yet, do yourself a favor and watch it now!! Most monster movies are all the same...but I guarantee you that you have not seen a monster movie like this. And no, its not about a cyclops. It's about Ron Jeremy's.....well, just watch the trailer!!

Here is the link:


There is really nothing else I can say about this...I think the trailer speeks for itself!
One Eyed Monster will be released on DVD Tuesday, April 28th!


Monday, April 20, 2009

This weeks Horror DVD releases: April 21

Horror DVD's coming out this Tuesday, April 21 :

THE ARRIVAL (Blu-ray): Lionsgate
THE BURROWERS (special edition): Lionsgate
FEAR GIRLS Volume One: Celebrity
GHOST TRAIN (special edition rerelease): Funimation
HELLRAISER (Blu-ray): Anchor Bay
HELLRAISER Limited Edition Box Set (HELLRAISER, HELLBOUND 20th anni. DVDs, HELLRAISER Blu-ray): Anchor Bay
LAID TO REST (special edition): Anchor Bay
MANIAC ON THE LOOSE (special edition): Forbidden Pleasures/SRS Cinema
THE POKER CLUB (special edition): Sony Pictures
SAM'S LAKE (special edition): Lionsgate

Not a lot of great DVD's coming out this week...unless you need to upgrade your HELLRAISER collection to Blu-ray, then the only DVD I would recommend this week is LAID TO REST.
I have heard a lot of good things about this film...and we could be seeing our first new franchise killer in a long time...Chrome Skull!!

Here is a trailer to check out courtesy of Yahoo Movies:


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie Review: ZOMBIE TOWN

Just caught the movie ZOMBIE TOWN on TV (Chiller Cable Channel) and had to write about it. While nothing close to to a classic zombie film, it's still a fun horror movie with everything you expect from a no-budget horror flick, plus a little more.
I will spare you the plot details (mainly because the films spares them too!!), but basically its about some slug parasite things that attatch to your spine and make you turn into a zombie. Why shooting the zombies in the head kills them is beyond me, since the slugs attatch to your spine, but that how you kill a zombie in every other zombie film, so I guess the film makers decided it should work here too. There is an ounce of creativity though, when the main characters discover that they can kill the slugs with salt, a la 3rd grade hijinks in the backyard with a salt shaker (don't act like you never did that!!). So...since salt will kill them, they pour the gunpowder out of Shotgun shells and refill them with salt, and now you have good 'ol salt bullets!! Works like a charm!!
There is tons of blood and gore for all you die hard gorehounds (like myself) but there are also some laugh out loud one-liners and situations that make the movie a lot of fun. I usually don't like the mix of horror and comedy...usually if there is too much comedy, then its not really a horror film anymore, and if there is a little bit of comedy but not enough, then it just seems really out of place. Not many movies can find that perfect balance, but I think ZOMBIE TOWN came about as close as you could get.

I highly recommend this film!! If you have seen it, let me know what your thoughts are!!

Here is the link to the trailer, courtesy of Internet Movie Database:


Until next time....Stay Scared!!

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