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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Watch the teaser for Ryan Renolds' new thriller, BURIED

I just ran across this teaser trailer for Ryan Renolds' new thriller, BURIED. This film is directed by Rodrigo Cortes and is Ryan Renolds' return to the Horror/Thriller genre after his roles in BLADE: TRINITY and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR remake.
Here is the basic plot from Imdb.com:
Paul is a U.S. contractor working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.
This movie has a great premise, and while the buried alive scenario has been done many times in the past, it never fails to provide the viewer with a feeling of dread and claustrophobia! My only concern is seeing Ryan Renolds in this type of roll. While I really like Ryan as an actor, I never can take him real serious. All I can see is the wise ass from VAN WILDER! What do you think? Do you like Ryan in these types of rolls? Should he do more Horror? Will you watch BURIED?

CLICK HERE to watch the teaser trailer for BURIED
CLICK HERE to go to the official website for BURIED. The website is just a title page right now, but keep and eye on it for more info and eventually, a release date!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Check out the trailer for the Japanese Zombie film DEAD RISING

The website KOTAKU has revealed a trailer for the new Japanese Zombie flick, DEAD RISING, which is based on the video game of the same name. Here is the basic plot from the Kotaku website:

The movie is set in an alternative reality in which areas affected by outbreaks are strictly quarantined, and those living in the area are cordoned off from the rest of the country. Two brothers George and Shin, hatch a plan to escape.

This movie looks like a lot of fun! I have never played the video game...have any of you? If so, what do you think about this trailer? Does it resemble the game? Let me know!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for DEAD RISING

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Kids! It coloring time!! Get out your Zombie Coloring Books!!!

What? You don't have a Zombie Coloring Book? Well, you can now! My buddy Scott over at the ScottBaker.com Blog (a great source of sci-fi/horror/everything else info) posted about a Zombie Coloring Book he found online! Illustrator Alex Row has created the coloring book and it is available for only $7 plus shipping! Get out your "gray matter" and "blood red" crayons and start coloring! Great for kids of all ages!!

CLICK HERE to go to Alex's site and get your copy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

DVD giveaway #3!

The last two DVD giveaways have been a lot of fun! Let's do it again! Up for grabs this time are the DVD's of SHADOW HUNTERS and SHADOW HUNTERS II: ECHO OF DESTINY!! These awesome grindhouse samurai films from the 1970's are provided by AnimEigo, Inc.
AnimEigo, Inc. was established in 1989 and was one of the first companies to release Anime in the United States and Canada, and also one of the first companies to release significant numbers of high-quality Japanese live-action films. AnimEigo's live action films include such genres such as Samurai Cinema, Art films, Action, WWII from Japan's perspective, Ninkyo (Yakuza films), Comedy, and more!

1. If you are not already, become a FOLLOWER of this blog!
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite Kung Fu/Samurai movie is. Be sure to leave your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS as well so I can contact you for your shipping info if you are the winner (if valid email address is not given, I will post winners name on the site and winner will have one week to contact me with their shipping info. If prize is not claimed within one week, prize will be forfeited.)
3. Only one comment per person. Multiple comments will result in removal of all your comments therefore removing your chances of winning!
4. Contest is scheduled to end on Wednesday, Feb. 10th 2010. Comments must be left by NOON Central time on 2/17/10 in order to count towards the contest.
5. Contest winner will be chosen by random.org and must agree to let me post their name in a separate post stating who won the prize pack.
6. Due to shipping costs, contest is open to U.S. Residents only. Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Announcing the WINNER of the 2nd DVD giveaway from HAYES HUDSON'S HOUSE OF HORROR!!!

Congratulations to Bill (of the RADIATION-SCARRED REVIEWS blog) on being the winner of the 2nd DVD giveaway!! Bill will receive a brand new copy of ORLOK THE VAMPIRE 3D! Maybe we will see a review of this film on his site soon? Enjoy Bill, and thanks for participating in my DVD giveaway! For all the rest of you that entered, but didn't win, don't worry....a new giveaway will begin shortly!! Check back tomorrow for details!
(This is assuming I have power tomorrow night....a major ice storm is headed right for us, so if you don't see a post for the next few days, don't worry..it just means the power is out!)

Check out this cool Dripping Blood Mug I won!

I am happy to report that I was the lucky winner of the Dripping Blood Mug from the SCARE SARAH blog's first contest! (If you haven't checked out Sarah's site before, do so now! It is an awesome Horror blog!). Thanks again Sarah! I am looking forward to the looks I get from my coworkers as I drink my morning coffee from this macabre mug!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This week's Horror DVD releases

Here are the Horror DVD's coming out Tuesday, Jan 26th:
(click on most titles to see a trailer for that film)

* BAD BIOLOGY (WARNING: R-Rated trailer-not safe for work)
* CULT HORROR COLLECTION (The Skull, The Man Who Could Cheat Death, The Deadly Bees)

There are a lot of DVD's out this week...SAW 6 will be the main seller this week, of course, for some reason people are still watching this series. I was looking forward to something a little more original this week, and that was the zombie film, PONTYPOOL. The premise sounded interesting but the trailer is very disappointing. It fails to show one main thing that a trailer for a zombie movie should show.....the zombies!! Not sure what they were thinking not showing any of the zombies, that could be a bad sign!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I finally got around to watching BLACK DEVIL DOLL, and while this movie won't win any acting awards, I must say it was a lot of fun. The film is directed by Jonathan Lewis, and the plot is as follows (from the official website):

Heather thought that a Ouija board was nothing but an innocent child's game. Little did she know, this child's game would open a flaming door to hell and re-animate the soul of a recently executed black militant serial killer! With his spirit now trapped in the body of a trash-talking ventriloquist doll, Heather and her friends must fight off the unrelenting horrors and unspeakable deviant advances of a three foot killer with a taste for young flesh and warm blood. Can they stop the BLACK DEVIL DOLL?

The running time for this film was only 72 minutes, which was perfect for this type of film. It was made to just be plain fun, and that is what it was. It was not too long and never takes itself too seriously...or seriously at all! The movie was full of great one-liners, almost exclusively from the Black Devil Doll himself. Along with the comedy, there was also a nice amount of gore for us horror fans....especially the throat slicing scene. This was done by a special effects team that definitely knows their makeup and effects and how to put them to good use. The movie was made as a throwback film reminiscent of the Grindhouse and Blacksploitation films of the 70's, and they hit that vibe right on the mark.
This is fun film for anyone that likes their movies with lots of blood and a naked chick or two (or 5) thrown in for good measure! Enjoy...just make sure the kids aren't anywhere near! This is definitely for adults only!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for BLACK DEVIL DOLL
CLICK HERE to visit the official BLACK DEVIL DOLL website

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have you entered to win the ORLOK 3D dvd yet?

If you haven't already, go enter for your chance to win a free copy of COUNT ORLOK 3D on DVD! The contest ends on January 27th!!

CLICK HERE to go to the original post for your chance to win a copy of COUNT ORLOK on DVD!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally finished watching a "classic" from director Lucio Fulci called, THE NEW YORK RIPPER. I say finally, because it took me about 3 sittings to watch this film. I would get about 30 minutes into it, and then fall asleep....not a good sign for this film. Before I get more in depth, let me start by giving you the plot:

A blade-wielding psychopath is on the loose, turning The Big Apple bright red with the blood of beautiful young women. As NYPD detectives follow the trail of butchery from the decks of the Staten Island Ferry to the sex shows of Times Square, each brutal murder becomes a sadistic taunt. In the city that never sleeps, he's the killer that can't be stopped!

Ok, sound good enough, and the kill scenes are great, the problem is the parts in between is just so slow and boring. Lots of bad dialog, and some very bad acting. My number one complaint, though, would have to be the killers voice. See, the killer talked like a duck. That's right, a duck. You really can't take a killer seriously when it sounds like Donald Duck is threatening you.
The movie did have some bright spots, though....like the very beginning when a man is playing fetch with his dog down by the river. He throws the stick behind some bushes and when the dog comes back, he has retrieved not the stick, but a severed and rotted human hand! Also, there was a very good use of lighting and colors in the film, almost to the point of looking like a Dario Argento film. And, as stated before, most of the kill scenes are good with good amount of gore for those of us who like that sort of thing!
I know not everyone will agree with me and my displeasure for this film, in fact, click HERE to check out Dr. Gore' review of THE NEW YORK RIPPER over at his site, Dr. Gore's Movie Reviews. He gave it a 4/4 and deemed it a "must-see". To each their own! I hope you like this movie better than I did. This is the first Fulci movie that really let me down. The tag line for the film didn't help any..."The Most Controversial Horror Film Ever Made". Sorry, but I don't think this comes close to being the most controversial horror film every made. I think that distinction probably goes to 1980's Cannibal Holocaust, or a number of underground Japanese films I have seen.

CLICK HERE to check out the trailer for THE NEW YORK RIPPER and then tell me what you think if you have seen this film. Was it as bad as I think it was, or am I missing something? Discuss!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guest Movie Review: DAYBREAKERS

Welcome to another Guest Review on Hayes Hudson's House of Horror! Tonight's reviewer is a returning guest reviewer, Caleb Schoeppe from the metal group Vessels of Wrath and the owner of Element Photography. Caleb recently watched the movie DAYBREAKERS and was kind enough to share his thoughts about the movie with us:

First off, please take a moment read the plot provided by IMDB.com:

"In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind."
Sounds great right? You would be wrong kids! I have to say this is the all time great comedy of the year which is not good considering it is supposed to be a horror/drama piece. I don’t want to give away too much in this review for those of you that may still watch this "fine film." In a nut shell this could have been a wonderful and amazing film given its concept but the acting and direction of this pic managed to kill that vision.

Vampire Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) works for a corporation on the search of a blood substitute to save mankind as they know it. He is met with resistance by Charles Bromley (Sam Neil) who has a deep love for real blood. During Edwards (Hawke) research he comes across this group of humans whom are also in the pursuit of the same goal as he. That is where we meet Lionel"Elvis" Cormac (Willem Dafoe) a former vamp. That’s right, a former vamp. How is that possible you ask? Well forget EVERYTHING that Anne Rice taught us. Apparently sun light cures these undead creatures of Satan. Yup, you heard right, SUNLIGHT!! Need I say more? And don't get me started on the poor level of acting! I mean it was bad....real bad. I actually want all of you to watch this movie so we can share in its suck factor. On a positive note DAYBREAKERS did deliver rather well in the gore department. Some great over the top blood action, vampire explosions, and some great arm removal. Oh, and I almost forgot about that final death scene. Great scene consisting of huge mass of men eating each other in slow motion. Sounds cool I know!
So, on a final note I would have to say it was a 4 star out of 10. The only thing that gave it that was the gore and the fact that deep inside I think they made this thing horrid on purpose. Maybe they were trying to make a "cult classic." If so they failed. Enjoy!!

Wow...thanks Caleb. I guess he didn't like it, huh?! I have read reviews on other blogs and people really seemed to like it. I have not seen it yet, so I can not say one way or the other. Have you seen DAYBREAKERS? Is Caleb correct in his assessment or does he need a wooden stake to the heart?!!!

Editors note: The reviews and opinions expressed by our guest reviewers are not associated with or necessarily shared with those of Hayes Hudson's House of Horror. If you would like to be a guest reviewer on the 4H blog, feel free to contact me at hch91@hotmail.com. Guest reviewers are not compensated for their reviews.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


While not deeply rooted in Horror, I still feel the need to share a review of AND WE SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS by the metal group VESSELS OF WRATH (V.O.W.). Metal music seems to go hand in hand with the Horror genre in many ways, and this Industrial/Metal group is one of the best in the metal genre...plus this is a just a damn good album I think you all should know about!
AND WE SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS is V.O.W.'s follow up CD to their first album, 'TIS NOW STRUCK TWELVE: THE SHAPE OF GOTH TO COME. This follow-up CD shows tremendous growth from the group as true artists, with a wider range of sounds and different types of singing, from sections of spoken word, as heard in the song AMERICAN GOTHIC, to the more melodic singing in the 80's Sisters Of Mercy cover, LUCRETIA MY REFLECTION. Lead singer Matt Yeager does a superb job of switching between melodic singing to typical Metal "roaring", as I call it, with such grace and ease. It is seamless as he switches between the types of singing which is very impressive. Yeager is supported by a cast of extremely talented musicians. Maria Ellen Martinez's soft vocals are a nice compliment to Yeager's rougher voice. The Keyboard and synthesized sounds are great and the guitars and drums on this CD are as good as any "big name" metal group I have heard. Just listen to the opening of BATTLE HYMN OF THE REDUNDANT and you will see what I am talking about. Do yourself a favor and get this great CD. You can purchase it from the link below for only $10 which includes shipping!


Lead vocals- Matt Yeager
Vocals- Maria Ellen Martinez
Keyboard/programing/vocals- Daniel Mcabe
Drums- Bryan Upton
Guitar- Blakely Upton
Guitar/vocals- Caleb "Jib" Shaner
Bass/vocals- Caleb Schoeppe

CLICK HERE to purchase AND WE SHALL TAKE UP SERPENTS for only $10 (shipping included!!)
CLICK HERE to go to the official website of VESSELS OF WRATH
CLICK HERE to go to the VESSELS OF WRATH Myspace page
CLICK HERE to go to the VESSELS OF WRATH Facebook page

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a copy of COUNT ORLOK 3D on dvd!

If you haven't already, go enter for your chance to win a free copy of COUNT ORLOK 3D on DVD! The contest ends on January 27th!!

CLICK HERE to go to the original post for your chance to win a copy of COUNT ORLOK on DVD!

Monday, January 18, 2010

This weeks Horror DVD releases

Here are this weeks Horror DVD releases for Tuesday, 1/19:
(click on the titles for a trailer of that film)

I think the highlight this week is the Horror/Sci-Fi crossbreed, PANDORUM. I have not seen this film yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about it from friends of mine that did see it. They all highly recommend it, so I will be checking it out this week.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Check out this great trailer for the horror/comedy TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL

I just ran across the trailer for TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL on Firstshowing.net and it looks hilarious! It is the story of two hillbillies that are accused of being killers by a group of college kids camping near the duo's cabin. The hillbillies are totally harmless, but this group of kids have watched too many horror flicks and just assume they are crazed killers. So, while trying to stop the "killers", they end up dying very gruesome deaths that always looks like it's at the fault of the hillbillies, just adding fuel to the fire. This is a great concept and something I don't think I have seen before. It looks like we are in for some good laughs and some good gore based on the trailer. The film is directed by Eli Craig and will premiere at the 2010Sundance Film Festival this month, where it is sure to pick up a U.S. distributor I'm sure! Hopefully we will be seeing this film in the theaters (or on DVD) very soon!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Check out the synopsis for Director Albert Pyun's new film BULLET FACE

My buddy Scott posted on his blog about Director Albert Pyun's new film, BULLET FACE. He asked me to share this with the readers of my blog as well to help get the word out about this cool sounding film from Mr. Pyun. Here is the basic plot synopsis from imdb.com:

Horror and Revenge drive this thriller set in the sex and human trafficking underbelly of a nightmarish city where spinal fluid has become the drug of choice...with frightening consequences.

Ok...I'm sold! That sounds very interesting and I will be checking this film out for sure! Here is a snippet from an article from QuietEarth.us about the BULLET FACE 4-DISC DVD that will be released soon:
From now on, every film released by Albert will be director's cuts, lavishly presented in multi-disc sets as part of a new "The Albert Pyun Movie Collection" from Curnan Pictures. Not only that, but each film will include a "bonus" re-release. Bulletface for example, includes a revised version of Left for Dead, while Albert has told us that he may re-release his cyberpunk actioner, Nemesis, in an all new re-imagined version. And I frickin' love Nemesis, so that would be sweet.
Check out the full article HERE.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Check out this I AM LEGEND spoof called..........I AM VIRGIN !

I received a press release today about a film called I AM VIRGIN. The film is a spoof of the 2008 Will Smith film, I AM LEGEND. Here is the plot from the films official website:

It came without warning. The virus wiped out most of the world's population in just a few days, and everyone who survived became a vampire with an insatiable thirst for sex. Everyone except Robby. He's the last normal man in a world of unbridled sexuality, and he's a virgin. Accompanied by his trusty Basset Hound, Billy, he's looking for love in a city full of vampire vixens who want nothing more than the next depraved thrill. Faced with temptation, Robby must resist the lure of this world of lust and sensuality or risk becoming one of the sex-mad undead creatures himself!

Sounds like this could be a really fun movie!! Check out the trailer and see what you think! The film is scheduled to be released on DVD Feb. 23, 2010.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for I AM VIRGIN
CLICK HERE to go to the official I AM VIRGIN website

Another award for the 4H blog!

Blogger Award season is winding down it seams, but I have just received one more award! Hayes Hudson's House of Horror blog is now the proud recipient of the 2009 All-Scares Blogger award! This award was created by Chuck over at the ZOMBIES DON'T RUN blog! Chuck nominated 10 blogs to receive the award and then each of those could give it up to 2 blogs of their choice, and then the award stops there, so this is a very limited award and one to be proud of for sure! I was given the award by Chris over at the awesome FASCINATION WITH FEAR blog. Thanks Chris for awarding me the All-Scares award!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first giveaway was so much fun, why don't we do it again!!!

If you missed your chance at our first DVD giveaway, well here is your chance to win a free DVD!! For giveaway number 2, I am giving one lucky reader of my blog a brand new copy of ORLOK THE VAMPIRE IN 3D! This is a newly restored 3D version of the film, NOSFERATU. The film comes complete with 2 pairs of 3D glasses, and for all you Troma fans out there, Lloyd Kaufman does and introduction on the DVD. I have not seen this version of NOSFERATU yet, but plan on watching it soon! Look for a review in the near future!

I would like to thank Quality Cheese Productions for supplying this great DVD for our give away!!

CLICK HERE to go to the Quality Cheese Productions official website
CLICK HERE to watch the preview for ORLOK THE VAMPIRE 3D
CLICK HERE to purchase ORLOK THE VAMPIRE 3D if you just cant wait to get it!
1. If you are not already, please become a FOLLOWER of this blog!

2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite Vampire movie is. Be sure to leave your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS as well so I can contact you for your shipping info if you are the winner (if valid email address is not given, I will post winners name on the site and winner will have one week to contact me with their shipping info. If prize is not claimed within one week, prize will be forfeited.)

3. Only one comment per person. Multiple comments will result in removal of all your comments therefore removing your chances of winning!

4. Contest is scheduled to end on Wednesday, Jan 27th 2010. Comments must be left by NOON Central time on 1/27/10 in order to count towards the contest. (end date subject to change based on participation)

5. Contest winner will be chosen by
random.org and must agree to let me post their name in a separate post stating who won the prize pack.

6. Due to shipping costs, contest is open to U.S. Residents only. Thank you for your understanding.


BROKEN TOY episode 2 is on the air!

Back in November, I posted about a new webisode series called BROKEN TOY by Forewarned Films (View original post HERE). I was very intrigued with this short web series and have been waiting on episode 2 to come out. Well, the wait is over! Episode 2 of BROKEN TOY is out now!
Click HERE to go to Forewarned Films YouTube Channel to watch Episode 1 if you haven't already, and to watch the newly posted Episode 2!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Congratulations to Chuck Conry for being the winner of the first ever 4H prize pack giveaway! Chuck has won him some great prizes courtesy of our friends over at WILD EYE RELEASING!
Chuck will be getting a DVD of THE BLOODY APE, a set of THE BLOODY APE lobby cards autographed by star and director, and a WILD EYE RELEASING pin!
Congratulations Chuck!

Thanks to everyone that entered, and if you didn't win this time, don't worry...a new contest is coming soon.....like tomorrow night maybe? Stay tuned for the next giveaway announcement!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here are the Horror related DVD's coming out tomorrow, Tuesday, 1/12:
(Click on the titles to watch a trailer for the film)

* HALLOWEEN 2 (2009 Rob Zombie Remake)
* RIOT ON 42ND STREET (WARNING--Trailer not safe for work or around the kiddos!)
* RIVERMAN (no trailer found, but you can click for a clip from the film)
Nothing real notable other than Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. I was a little dissapointed in this film, especially after loving Rob Zombie's first HALLOWEEN remake. Maybe I need to give it another chance.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Blogger Award Season is in full swing, and the 4H blog has won another award!

Tonight I was honored with the best looking award yet, the FANTASTICALLY FRIGHTENING award from Rhonny Reaper over at the DOLLAR BIN HORROR blog. This is a newly created award that was created by BJ-C over at the DAY OF THE WOMAN blog. I am honored to receive this award, and as with most blogger awards, I will now pass on this award to a few of my favorite Horror Blogs...and the winners are:

CORY'S CRAPPY CINEMA --For the wide variety of topics you can find on his site!
SEXY WITCH -- For being a blog devoted to nothing but Sexy Witches....whats not to like!!
EVIL DEAD NEWS -- For being a blog devoted only to Evil Dead stuff! Awesome!
HORROR DOSE -- For its all around coolness. This is one I check daily!
LOVE TRAIN FOR THE TENEBROUS EMPIRE -- Blog devoted to old vintage horror. Very cool!
If you are listed here, congrats! You can copy and paste this award on your site. Be sure to pass along the award to a few of your favorite Horror blogs!

Here is another great Zombie film you may have missed: BURIAL GROUND

BURIAL GROUND, or THE NIGHTS OF TERROR as it is sometimes known, was written by Piero Regnoli and directed by Andrea Bianchi. This film from 1981 is another of my all time favorite zombie movies. I actually think the Zombie effects here are some of the best put on film, although I have heard others refer to these Zombies as some of the worst looking. I will let you decide on your own. I think they are great because they look just like I would imagine a Zombie to look like after years and years in the ground. Dull, Gray/Brown, Muddy, Dried out faces. These are perfect Zombies to me. They even ooze what looks to be just brown muddy water when you shoot them! PERFECT!
Anyway, the plot is simple:
Professor Ayres discovers a secret in an ancient stone and when he opens a crypt, he revives zombies that kill him. He had invited three couples to visit him in his manor to reveal his discovery. However, they never get around to meeting the professor. Out of the blue, the zombies attack them and they seek shelter in the mansion. The creatures put the manor under siege and the couples have to protect themselves while trying to survive to the horde of zombies.

One thing that makes this movie so strange is the casting of 26 year old Peter Bark. Peter was an Italian actor that had a condition that made him small and look younger than he was. He plays the 12 year old Michael and he has a somewhat strange and disturbing attachment to his mother. You will see what I mean if you watch this film. Check out the trailer and let me know your thoughts on this film!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for BURIAL GROUND

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One of the best Zombie movies you may have never heard of: CEMETERY MAN

After talking with other Horror fans, I am amazed at how few know about the film CEMETERY MAN. The film is directed by Italian director Michele Soavi and is known by the alternative/original Italian name of DELLAMORTE DELLAMORTE. The film was made in 1994 and remains to this day one of my top 5 Zombie films of all time. The film stars Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte, the caretaker of a cemetery. For some reason, every body buried in this cemetery rises from the grave after the 7th day of being buried. Francesco is fine with killing the "returners" as he calls them, until a woman he falls in love with is killed and is buried in the cemetery. Check this movie out if you haven't seen it already...it might be one of your new faves you didn't even know was out there!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for CEMETERY MAN

Friday, January 8, 2010

Book Review: THE ZOMBIE HANDBOOK by Rob Sacchetto

Here is another great zombie book I have run across: THE ZOMBIE HANDBOOK by Rob Sacchetto. Some of you might recognize the name Rob Sacchetto as the world-renowned zombie illustrator from http://www.zombieportraits.com/. For those not familiar with the site, check it out. It is a cool site where you can send Rob a photo and he will send you a hand illustrated picture of you as a member of the undead!! Ok, now back to the book. Rob's book is a fun, illustrated guide to surviving the coming Zombie Apocalypse. The book includes tons of helpful tips such as Zombie-proofing your home, setting lures and traps, identifying the different types of zombies, and choosing the best armor and weapons to kill the zombies. The illustrations throughout are great and the info is very useful. This is a great book with lots of tongue-in-cheek humor (I don't really know what the means) and lots of subtle references to popular zombie films throughout. With a copy of this book in hand, you should be fine when the Zombie Apocalypse begins. If you do not buy this book and study it profusely, then you are as good as zombie food!
Bon Appetit!

CLICK HERE to order THE ZOMBIE HANDBOOK from Amazon.com
CLICK HERE to go to the Zombie Portraits website to order your own Zombie Portrait!!
CLICK HERE to go to Rob's awesome blog, ZOMBIE DAILY

Thursday, January 7, 2010


ONECHANBARA: BIKINI SAMURAI SQUAD....with a name like that, it's gotta be good, right? Wrong! Don't waste your time on this one, unless maybe you are a huge fan of the video game that it is based off of. I had never heard of the game ONECHANBARA, so have never played it, but you can tell this movie is derived from a video game which is the main problem of this zombie film. The zombie kills are all computer generated, so they look extremely fake and I think they are meant to look that way. It gives it a feel of watching a video game basically. I didn't care for that concept. Also, there is no Bikini Samurai Squad. The "Squad" is made up of one girl on a mission to track down her fathers killer in a world overrun with zombies. And while she is in a Bikini, it is all of about 10 minutes total screen time. So while that might be nice to look at, you are left with 76 minutes without anything to demand your attention. What could have been a cool zombie film with lots of cool zombie kills turns out to be a real dud.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for ONECHANBARA and see what you think.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It is blogger award season, and I have been awarded two more awards!!

The first award I received is the "One Lovely Blog Award". It is given out by other bloggers that have won the award. I received this award from both Sarah at the SCARE SARAH blog and from Rhonny Reaper over at the DOLLAR BIN HORROR blog. I want to thank both of your for honoring me with this award! It is nice to get the recognition for the hard work that goes into my blog. I want to congratulate you on winning this award as well, as both of your blogs are definitely in the top tier of Horror blogs!!
A rule of receiving this award is that I am to now bestow the award upon some blogs that I feel are worthy of this award, so here is a list of 5 I have chosen:


Next is the "Kreative Blogger" award. I was given this award by Maweanne from the SPOOKY BREW blog. Thanks Maweanne! The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated

Ok...rules 1, 2, and 3 are complete. Here are the rest:

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
1. I have seen EVIL DEAD 2 over 75 times!
2. I was frightened as a child by Sesame Street's Big Bird and remain terrified
of him to this day
3. 3 years ago I started going to Horror conventions and plan on going to one each
year from now on!
4. I started my horror blog one night after watching a cool horror movie and no one
was around to tell them about it. So I just made a blog and typed about it! It was
my first post ever. The movie was ZOMBIE TOWN.
5. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is my all time favorite horror film.
6. Tar-man from ROLD scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.
7. I actually liked the FRIDAY THE 13th remake.....Don't hate on me!!

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers and 6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate:

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated
Done. Thanks everyone for the awesome awards and congrats to those that have now been bestowed these awards! You guys rock!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time is running out! Don't forget to register for my first prize pack giveaway!!

If you haven't already entered to win this great prize pack, do so now! The contest ends on Jan. 12th!! Up for grabs is a DVD and AUTOGRAPHED Lobby card set of THE BLOODY APE, courtesy of WILD EYE RELEASING!

CLICK HERE to go to the original post and read how to enter the giveaway.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Here are the Horror related DVD's coming out tomorrow, Tuesday, 1/5:
(Click on the titles to watch a trailer for the film)

* DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004) re-release combo pack (dvd & blu-ray)

If you are a fan of the FINAL DESTINATION movies, then you will definitely want to pick up THE FINAL DESTINATION 3D. If you got a chance to see it in 3D in the theaters, then you know what a blast it was! Hopefully it will be just as good in 2D since the home version of 3D is pretty worthless to watch. Also, check out the HELLWEEK trailer. Looks like a fun, low budget horror flick.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check out my interview on the DOLLAR BIN HORROR spotlight!

I was recently approached to do an interview for the awesome Horror blog, DOLLAR BIN HORROR. Periodically, DOLLAR BIN HORROR author Rhonny Reaper spotlights other Horror bloggers. I was honored that Rhonny asked me to be included in her Horror Spotlight series! You can check out the full article/interview HERE! Thanks Rhonny!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


For fans of torture horror such as the HOSTEL and the SAW films, check out this trailer for the movie PSYCHO WARD. Here is the basic plot from imdb.com:

While on a research outing, a group of urban explorers get more than they bargained for when the visit the site of an abandoned mental hospital and discover it's hiding a terrifying secret. Trapped in this giant prison, they start to disappear one by one. Their only chance to escape... to put together seemingly random clues, avoid a killer, and use their unique skills to survive.

This looks like it could have some good scares in it, but also looks like it could just be a retread of a lot of the torture horror films we have seen before. Has anyone seen this film? If so, what did you think of it? Is it worth a viewing?

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for PSYCHO WARD

CLICK HERE to go to the official PSYCHO WARD website

Friday, January 1, 2010


BOOK OF THE DEAD is one of the better books on the subject of Zombie films. The book is written by Jamie Russel and is a comprehensive guide to all the zombie films, from the birth of the voodoo zombie films, to the "rebirth" of zombie films of late. This book is a nice sized 320 pages of anything and everything you would want to know about almost any zombie film ever made. The book includes chapters on the popular Italian zombie films, the films of George Romero, and a very handy Zombie Filmography. The book has tons of rare photos and movie stills, both color and black and white. This is a must have for any zombie fan, or really any Horror fan in general.

CLICK HERE to buy the book from Amazon.com, or ask for it at your local bookstore!