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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check out a few more great Horror blogs I have found!

Periodically, I like to bring to my reader's attention some other great Horror Blogs that I come across. Today, there are 3 that I feel the need to bring to your attention:

First up is the DAY OF THE WOMAN blog. Blog author BJ-C presents a blog for "the Feminine side of fear". This is a great blog with wide range of topics, from Best/Worst lists, to her featured "Terrible Poster Tuesday's" where she showcases a horrible looking movie poster! Funny Stuff! Check this one often. It is cool to see a woman's take on Horror when it seems like the genre is usually more geared toward men. I love the fact that more and more women are getting into horror films and can actually teach us guys a thing or two! You go girl!

Next up is another great Horror blog run by a woman who knows her Horror!! Rhonny Reaper brings you the DOLLAR BIN HORROR blog, where she brings you "the best in cheap thrills, gory spills, and everything macabre"! This blog is full of movie reviews of some great older "dollar bin" type of movies. This is one to bookmark for sure!

And finally, we have the HORROR DOSE blog. This is a great Horror movie review blog. Blog author Chris brings you a nice mixture of reviews of both new and older horror films. And hey, any blog that has a review of both DEAD ALIVE and ARMY OF DARKNESS is a blog I want to read!! Thanks Chris for an awesome Horror blog!!

Check these blogs out...you will not be disappointed!


  1. thanks for the shout out XD I LOVE your blog!

  2. Aw, thankyou for the plug :D I'll be sure to showcase you in this next coming week :D Welcome to the world of the horror blogosphere!

  3. Cheers for this recognition, Hayes! I will be including you in my upcoming end-of-year wrap-up post!