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Thursday, October 9, 2014


http://www.blacklava.tk/NECROPHILE PASSION
Written & Directed by  
Distributed by Black Lava Entertainment

  I recently watched another very shocking movie, this one dealing with one of the most taboo subjects there is, Necrophilia.  The film is called NECROPHILE PASSION and it is as gross and disturbing as you think it would be.  This is not a topic we see much in horror films, in fact, the only other films I can think on with this topic as their main story line are the German NEKROMANTIK films from the late 80's /early 90s.  Most studios and filmmakers these days would dare not make a new movie about this subject, but Black Lava Entertainment is apparently not your normal film company!  This is a company known for distributing films that are ground breaking and barrier breaking, with no subject too sensitive to cover.   

  Here is the plot of NECROPHILE PASSION from the Black Lava Entertainment website:

   After having been left by his girlfriend, who treated him like shit, a young man finds a female body in a nearby woods. His conscience tells him to call the police, but a sinister urge commands him to take the corpse home with him. After having done so, his dark desires go rampant and he molests the corpse various times. His life is in shambles and only the love to the woman's dead body gives him the strength to continue. However, he has not yet tied up all the loose ends with his girlfriend and it is time for him to finally get his revenge. Who will triumph in this diabolical love triangle? Man, woman or corpse?

  I remember being totally disgusted years ago when I watched the NEKROMANTIK dvds.  This film does a remarkable job of shocking the viewer just as the NEKROMANTIK movies did years ago.  It's hard to say this film is good, as the subject matter is so hard to watch and deal with.  The  movie is very well made, though, almost to an artistic degree at various points in the film.   The acting is great and with a 52 minute run time, the movie is paced very well and doesn't drag on like some films do when they feel they have to stretch the movie out to 80 or 90 minutes.

  This film was obviously made to shock and disturb people, and with that being the case, the filmmakers succeeded on every level.   If you are a fan of shock cinema, this is one you will want to check out for sure!

  Black Lava Entertainment is an Austrian based DVD company,  but this DVD played fine in my player, so their DVD's must be region free. 

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer  (**WARNING** NSFW trailer)
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD  (click on the SHOP tab)


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