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Sunday, October 17, 2010


HOT BLOOD SUNDAE was originally titled, ICE CREAM: THE REMIX for some absurd reason. HOT BLOOD SUNDAE is a much cooler, wittier title.....unfortunately, the witty title is also the best part of this movie. Here is the plot from imdb.com:

"ICE SCREAM, the ReMix" is a horror/comedy, about the perverted ice cream shop owner, Ricky, who boost-declining sales by renaming his shop to "Scoopettes", and markets it as an adult ice cream store. This sleepy town's ice scream store has started serving a little more than just your typical flavors, dishing out gobs of Virgin Vanilla and Busty Buttercrunch, but wait - what's that? Eeeeek! There's an eyeball staring up from the Cherry Vanilla! The five girls, whom Ricky calls "The Scoopettes", are so hot the ice cream will never stay hard! But everyone leaves with a smile and much, much more! It becomes apparent that someone doesn't like the success that Ricky is experiencing when one of the Scoopettes is found murdered in the freezer. The killing of the girls continues one at a time and the customers find a little extra in their ice scream! Remember! I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for - ICE SCREAM!

This movie is full of blood and boobs, so it amazes me how boring of a film this actually was. The gore scenes were good, but there was too much filler in between each scene. The rest of the film is just bad dialog and crummy acting. Actor Ryan Click (as Wesley) gives the most over acted, annoying performance you are likely to ever see in a film, so that gets the movie started off on a bad note. He literally ruins every scene he is in. Ryan might be a good actor, but the character he was playing in this film was just awful. Another awful character is Ricky, played by veteran Soap Opera actor Richard Van Vleet. His character isn't quite as annoying as Wesley, but runs a close second. Even just the overall look of the film is bad, with many scenes grainy and fuzzy for a DVD film. It reminded me of watching a VHS tape....and a bad one at that.

The film stars a group of gorgeous ladies, so the umm....scenery is nice, but that is about all you will get from this film. Save your time and do a Google image search of stars Bobbi Billard and Akira Lane and you can see the two (well....four) best parts of this film. True Horror fans will want to steer clear of this one.

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