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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DVD Review: CRAZY MURDER (2014)

http://braindamagefilms.com/dvd/horror/serial-killer/crazy-murder/CRAZY MURDER
Directed by  and
Distributed by Brain Damage Films

  Wow...so I'm not really sure what to say about this one.  This is one of those films that must be seen to be believed.  There is really not much of a plot to speak of, but here is the basic synopsis from the film's press release:

  A homeless man (Kevin Kenny) begins a killing spree on the streets of New York City. Completely deranged and barely aware of his own identity, he makes little attempt at concealing his actions. But in a city with 50,000 homeless citizens our killer finds himself effortlessly camouflaged. 
  Steel yourself for a non-stop onslaught of violence and disgusting imagery.  Blending horror, drama, and black comedy, Crazy Murder is a disaster film at its core -- featuring a tornado of death, a tsunami of blood, and a volcano of feces.

  Again, I'm not really sure what to say here.  This movie is just plain nasty.  Vile is a good word for it.  Some might like that, I'm not really into that for the most part, though.  I will say this, the gore in this film is excellent, including some stabbings that look so real they made me cringe.  The movie basically just follows this mentally disturbed man around as he does gross stuff and kills people.  That's it.  That is all there is, really, in terms of a plot.  Actor Kevin Kenny gives a remarkable performance as the crazy guy/killer.  If you didn't know better, I would have actually thought they just followed a crazy guy around and filmed him, his performance was that believable.  So kudos to Mr. Kenny on such a great performance.

  Like I said, If you are into gross out movies such as the Vomit Gore Trilogy and the August Underground films, you will definitely want to check out this film.   Other more classic/mainstream horror movie fans might need to be cautious going into this one.   I personally think there is something in this film that any horror fan will like, but there are other parts that could be quite a turn off.  Check it out for yourself and see what you think. 

  If you have seen CRAZY MURDER, leave a comment and let me know what you thought.  The DVD is available now from Brain Damage Films.

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