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Saturday, May 16, 2015


https://www.tromashop.com/from-asia-with-lust-dvdFROM ASIA WITH LUST VOL. 1 [CAMP & HITCH-HIKE]
Directed by Ainosuke Shibata
Distributed by:  Troma Entertainment

  Troma recently released this nice double feature of two Asian rape/revenge films by director Ainosuke Shibata.  The DVD contains the director's two films, CAMP and HITCH-HIKE.   Both films are centered on the theme of the strong female, who is raped and beaten, but comes back to inflict revenge on their predators.   Here are the more formal plot synopsis' from the Troma website:

CAMP: A camping trip will turn into a nightmare for sisters Akane and Kozue when they become trapped by five men who abuse and torture them. Kozue is brutally murdered but her sister manages to escape. Now, with the help of Misaki, a mysterious female vigilante, Akane is ready for her vengeance. And nothing will stop her until her sister's murderers pay for their crime!

HITCHIKE: The brutal Yoshio and his quiet young wife Saeko are on a road trip. Their drive will take a wrong turn when Yoshio decides to pick up a hitch hiker along the way. When the man reveals himself as a deranged bank robber and serial killer, the couple will be forced to cooperate in his getaway. Now it's Saeko s turn to take revenge on the man who drove her through hell!

  I am a huge fan of rape/revenge films.  As hard as it is to watch a woman being abused and raped, the payoff is always good when we get to see our strong female lead rise up and take revenge on those that did here wrong.  I love seeing the bad guys get what's coming to them!  Both of these films have that strong female character that do just that.  

  These films are very similar and star some of the same people. Both contain some great gore, although HITCHIKE relies on some CG gore in some scenes that just doesn't work.  It looks very fake and unrealistic.  Both films are very entertaining, though, with good stories and some great action.    This is a great double feature DVD at a great price, I highly recommend picking this one up.

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